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What is CNC grinding technology

CNC milling means grind with Comfputer Numerical Control to use grinding tools to grind the surface of the workpiece. The surface is accuray with limited tolerance. Normally, the surface roughness is better than Ra 1.0. CNC grinding has four kinds, one is centerless grinding, one is flat surface grinding, one is internal grinding, and the other is cylindrical grinding.

Parts are produced by CNC Grinding

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CNC Grinding Machines List

Machine Name


Model No.

Made By

Beach Size

CNC Milling Machines
500mm x 750mm
Min Tolerance
Ra 0.2
Grinding Outside Diameter
Grinding Inside Diameter
Max Length Grinding (O.D)
Max Length Grinding (I.D)
Max Weight of Workpiece

How does the CNC Grinding work

1. According to the drawings and process plan of the parts processed by the CNC grinder in the grinder system, write the program list with the specified code and program format, and record them in control unit.
2. Input the program into the CNC grinding machine unit through the input device.
3. After processing the input program, the CNC grinder unit sends a signal to the servo system of each coordinate of the CNC grinder.

4. The private server system drives the moving parts of the machine tool according to the signal sent by the grinding machine unit, and controls the necessary auxiliary operations.

5. The relative movement between the grinding wheel and the workpiece is driven by the mechanical parts of the grinding machine to grind the required workpiece.

6. Detect the movement of the CNC grinder and feed it back to the CNC grinder unit through the feedback device to reduce the grinding error.
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Advantages of CNC Grinding


Improve production efficiency, generally about 3-5 times of efficiency, using CNC machining center machine tools can increase productivity by 5-10 times.


Suitable for the processing of complex and special-shaped parts.


Improve the processing accuracy, especially the consistency of the processing of the same batch of parts, so that the product quality is stable.


Conducive to the development of production management and mechanical processing integrated automation.


Pump housing
Engine piston
Ball joint
Connecting rod
Valve body
Lamp housing

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