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Cool Machining Projects - Skis of Strollers or Bike Trailers

I’m very fortunate that our CNC service can help Mr. Glenn Patterson and Mrs. Kelly Patterson to finish a fantastic case together, from design, prototyping, to successful CNC service mass production.


It’s start from a warmly strong of Mr. Glenn Patterson and Mrs. Kelly Patterson. It all began after the birth of their first son, who only napped whilst on the go in his stroller. They love the great outdoors and the physical and mental health benefits that mother nature has to offer. Their passion for staying active with their little ones, whilst in the warmth, comfort and safety of their stroller, is what first drove them to design his first set of stroller skis.

They wanted their baby to have a first class ride, gliding over the rutted, snow packed pathways and floating over the snow. Bringing joy and happiness to exploring this winter wonderland as a family. As avid winter sports fans with engineering, manufacturing and children’s health care specialist expertise, they began designing and combining.
As parents they knew how important it was to have a quick and easy product to attach to the existing wheel, to avoid those meltdown moments when the stroller is not moving. No tools needed to fit, adjust or remove the skis. Strong and durable to carry their child safely and to look good on our stroller. Based in Alberta, at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, they had the perfect testing grounds.
rapid application development prototyping

Design & technology for Cool Machining Projects

application of rapid prototyping in manufacturing industry
After having an idea, they start to design, and make the drafts. At this stage, I’m lucky to have an opportunity to take part in this project. They send me the drafts to approve the production technology for producing. We have a long discussion until both the drawings and technology are approved by both of us.

CNC service is recommended, and approved by us finally. There are 4 points why we choose CNC service.


CNC service will avoid the designer to change the most reasonable design, due to technology limited. CNC service can use the most common solid bar, and use machining or milling technology to reach different shapes. It will avoid wasting time to develop moulds, searching different shapes raw material, and find the different technology machines (casing machines, forging machines, stamping machines, etc)


After producing by CNC service, you will not worry about the shape, dimensions, tolerances, positions, parallelism, straightness, homogeneity, flatness, etc. All of them are according to drawings and what you want. CNC service is also good for assembling, because good dimensions, tolerances, positions, parallelism, straightness, homogeneity, flatness, etc, will help the workers to assemble the parts together easily and efficiently. In other words, CNC service is saving the money for you.


Solid bar has a strong molecular structure after forming. It is much better than casting, MIM, stamping or forging. It is also better for heat treatment and surface finish, such as electroplate, anodizing, black oxide, chrome plating, etc. As the skis are for Skis for Strollers & Bike Trailers, safety is the most important. CNC service based on solid bar will take this project strongly, safety and no complaint.


CNC service will take good blade trace roughness for all the surfaces, no matter if they are surface finished or not. The market welcome the beautiful appearance products launched. Beautiful appearance will also help the products to be a modern innovative development.

What is Cool Machining in Projects

Cool CNC Machining Definition

CNC service is a procedure for change the workpiece’s dimensions. There are two categories according to the difference of processing method, one is CNC lathe machining, the other is press working.
Name: CNC service Function: Change the workpiece’s dimensions
Category: CNC service machining, Press working Technics
Process: Casting, Forging, Stamping, welding
Cool Machining Project


(1) Fundamental process
(1.1) Productive Process
(1.2) Productive Category
(1.3) Process Planning
(2) The instruction for benchmark
(2.1) Definition
(2.2) Category
(3) CNC service machining Processing Cushion
(4) Scope of application
(5) Types of equipment
(6) China CNC lathe machining manufacturers

Cool CNC Machining Fundamental Process in This Project

(i) Productive Process

Types of equipment productive processes are the process for making the products from raw material (unfinished blanks). Types of equipment productive process include raw material transit and storage, CNC service machining production preparing, unfinished blank making, precision parts’ CNC service machining and heat treatment, precision parts’ assembling, test, painting, and package, etc.

Technics process

In the productive process, there is a technical process.
Technics process is the process to change the workpiece’s shape, dimensions, positions, and character, etc, and make the workpiece to finished precision parts or unfinished blanks.
Technics process is a key part of the productive process.
Technics process includes casting, forging, stamping, welding, CNC service machining, assembling, etc.
Types of equipment production technics process include precision parts’ equipment production technics process and types of equipment assembling technics process.
Others are auxiliary processes, for example, transit, storage, power supply, equipment repair, etc.

Technics process

Technics process also consists of one or several tactic processes, one process consists of several steps.
A process is an elementary unit for types of equipment production technics process.
Process definition is the technics process, that one worker (several workers) finish production continuously on one machine (or one position) for the same workpiece (or several workpieces).
The main characteristic of the process is that it doesn’t change the workpiece, types of equipment, or operator, and continuously.
The step is based on the same CNC service machining surface, the same CNC lathe machining tools and the same volume of feed
The Feed is a working process, which is a step for production finish on the workpiece’s surface by tools.

Technics flow

When making the types of equipment’s technics process, you have to make sure how many steps the workpiece needs and the sequence.
Technics flow is a simple process of key processes and sequences.
Technics flow is very important for making technics process,
Its function is to select the correct processing method for each surface, make sure the sequence of each surface, and the number of processes.

(ii) Productive Category

Productive Categories are usually divided into three categories,
a. Single workpiece production: manufacture different structures’ and dimensions’ workpiece separately, and seldom repeat.
b. Batch production: manufacture the same structure and dimensions’ workpiece among one year, there is some repeatability in the manufacturing process.
c. Mass production: the quantity is huge, manufacture the same process in the same place.

(iii) Process planning

lanning principle

1. Every technological procedure is planned to make sure
the quality of precision parts (types of equipment assembling),
And reaches all the specifications as the drawing requests.

2. The technological procedure should have high productivity,
The products made by technological procedures should be launched as fast as possible.

3. Try our best to decrease the production cost

4. Pay attention to reduce the intensity of labor to ensure production safety.

Raw data

1. Assembling drawing, precision parts drawings
2. Inspection quality standard
3. Yearly production program
4. Conditions of manufacture, including types of equipment and specification, performance and current status, workers’ technological level, power and water supply, etc.
5. Process planning, manual, and standard.
6. Advanced manufacture data


1. Analysis product’s assembling drawing and precision parts’drawings.
2. Confirm the blank
3. Make technics flow and ensure the position reference surface
4. Prepare the types of equipment according to each preocess
5. Prepare the blades, jigs, measuring implement, and auxiliary tools
6. Ensure the specification and inspection method for each process
7. Ensure the allowance for CNC service machining, calculate the size and tolerance
8. Ensure the cutting parameters
9. Ensure the production time

The instruction for benchmark of Cool Machining in This Project

medical cnc machining

(i) Definition

Precision part consists of several surfaces,
When analyzing the relative relation of the surfaces, you must confirm a benchmark.
Benchmark is a dot, line, and surface to confirm the part’s dot, line, and surface.
According to the different functions of the benchmarks, there two categories,
One is the design benchmark, the other is the technical benchmark.

(ii) Category

1. Design benchmark: the benchmark to confirm the dots, lines, and surfaces on the drawings
2. Technics benchmark: the benchmark for production and assembling.
3. Assembling benchmark: the benchmark for confirming the parts’ position in the products when assembling
4. Measure benchmark: the benchmark for inspecting the sizes and position
5. Locate benchmark: the benchmark for CNC lathe machining.

CNC service machining Processing Cushion

Cool Machining Projects

ecm machining technology


When the blank is made to finish the product, you will be machining out the metal layer, The total of the metal layer is called the total processing cushion. The metal layer of every process is called process cushion. As to the circle and hole, the processing cushion is on the diameter, called symmetry cushion.


The reason, why the workpiece has the processing cushion, is to CNC service machining out the tolerance or defect on the workpiece from the last process, for example,
The cold layer of casting parts, bubble hole of casting parts, the sand layer of casting parts.
Oxide skin of forging parts, surface crack of forging parts, decarburized layer of forging parts.
The surface roughness of CNC service machining, etc.


The processing cushion can increase the precision and roughness of workpieces.
The volume of processing cushion will affect the product quality and production efficiency.
If the processing cushion is too big, it will increase the CNC lathe machining sum of labor,
Decrease the production efficiency, increase the loss for raw material, tools and power,
And increase the production cost.
If the processing cushion is too small, the tolerances and defects from the last process cannot be removed, the tolerances for loading and unloading cannot be removed too.
The principle is selecting the smallest processing cushion based on high quality.

Scope of application

1. Different metal parts CNC service machining
2. Fabrication, box structure, metal structure
3. Titanium, high-temperature alloy, nonmetal CNC service machining
4. Design and manufacture of wind tunnel combustion chamber
5. Design and manufacture of non-standard types of equipment 6. Design and manufacture of molds
medical application of rapid prototyping

Types of equipment

CNC mill,
CNC grinding machine,
CNC machine,
CNC center,
laser welding,
Electric discharge machining (EDM),
universal grinder,
Cylindrical grinder,
internal grinder,
precision lathe

Rapid Prototype in Cool Machining Project

Sylue use CNC service to get rapid prototypes in 3 days. The sample production and cooperation are smoothly. The types of equipments used CNC swiss screw machines, CNC miiling machines, 5 axis CNC machine centers, drilling machines, Tap machines, ultrasonic cleaners, drier

CNC swiss screw machines

Tap machines

CNC miiling machines

ultrasonic cleaners

5 axis CNC machine centers


drilling machines

Real Life Testing Crew

Test is essential process before mass production and lauched. Polar Stroller is based at the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, providing the perfect testing grounds. Our testing crew is made up of an array of professionals and most of all real parents with young children and the real life stresses which accompany that.
From geologists, teachers, outdoor bloggers, engineers, nurses, grandparents, doctors, children’s specialists, dog walkers, our crew is real and they put the skis to the test. When carrying lifes most precious cargo, safety, reliability and functionality is the most important factor.
Their products are independently tested under Laboratory controlled conditions at -20. Series of strength, durability, safety and functionality testing is performed. The performance of our skis far exceeds our greatest expectations.

Cool Machining Project Launched

Fat-Bike with your Child in Tow Mr. Glenn Patterson and Mrs. Kelly Patterson love to bike all year round with our kids in tow. Fat-biking and exploring endless trails during the winter is so much fun. Strap one of their RX3 skis onto your Weehoo or Bike Trailer and there is no limit to where you can explore, with your child.
graphite cool machining projects

The Advantage for Skis kit-Cool Machining Project

All components are corrosion resistant materials and carefully selected for their functionality in use. Low profile wheel brackets are fabricated from aluminum alloy, which is a very lightweight and strong material.
No primitive, water absorbing materials like fabrics.
Coated aircraft wire to hold the wheel to the bracket that it is easy to wipe clean.

The skis are ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) due to its rigidity and resistance to impact properties. The high visibility color is for the safety of other pedestrians using snow covered walkways.

600D Custom made carry bag for when skis are not in use.

Plastic Cool machiniing project

Cool Machinng Porject introduce

RX3 Ski - For Strollers & Bike Trailers

Developed and Designed to fit ALL 3 wheels Strollers, Joggers and Bike Trailers.
New sliding binding which adjusts from 5 inch – 22 inch wheel diameter, in seconds, NO tools need!
Interchangeable between strollers and bike trailers so you can push or tow behind your bike.
Quick and easy to put on and remove, no tools or maintenance required.
Custom made carry bag and wrist leash included for safety.
Perfect for use on snow and ice covered pathways & trails, for families that want to explore.
Adult use Only, these are NOT a toy!

Cool machining Project concepts
Cool machining copper Project

4X4 Polar Stroller Ski Set

Unique Dual Wheel Feature. Multi positional wheel binding to accommodate dual wheel axis, enabling both wheels to ride on ski.
Developed and designed to fit ALL 4 wheel strollers, wheel diameter 14inch or less.
Quick and easy to put on and remove, no tools or maintenance required.
This Stroller Ski set comes with 4 skis, a wrist safety leash and custom made carry bag with handles and shoulder strap.
Perfect for use on snow and ice covered pathways & trails.
Designed and made In Alberta, Canada!
4X4 Polar Stroller Ski 

2X4 Polar Stroller Skis

Developed and designed to fit small wheels, diameter 14inch or less.
Perfect for front wheels of your wheel chair or mobility device.
Quick and easy to put on and remove, no tools or maintenance required.
Superb for use on snow and ice covered pathways & trails.
Designed and made In Alberta, Canada! Box includes 2 x skis.
2X4 Polar Stroller Ski 

machining fundamentals
machining inconel

RX1 SINGLE Polar Stroller Ski

Choose how many skis you would like for your Stroller & Bike Trailer
The RX skis fit up to 22 inch diameter Wheels, perfect for both Strollers and Bike Trailers.
Take seconds to adjust, fit and remove. No tools needed, Ever!
Perfect for those wanting single or pair of skis, for bike Trailers
RX1 SINGLE Polar Stroller Ski 

RX4 - 4 Wheel Polar Stroller Ski Set

Developed and designed to fit Full sized 4 Wheel strollers, All 3 Wheel Strollers, most Jogging strollers, with front wheels size 14 inches or less. For example; City Select, UPPAbaby Vista, Bugaboo Cameleon, Baby Jogger GT Mini, City Elite, Bob Revolution.
Quick and easy to put on and remove, no tools or maintenance required.
Perfect for use on snow and ice covered pathways & trails.
This Stroller Ski set comes with: 2 x Skis fit up to 21″ Wheels 2 x Skis to fit up to 14″ wheels Wrist safety leash and custom made carry bag with handles and shoulder strap.

machining magnesium

Please note this ski set will not fit strollers with front wheel diameter great than 14 inches. Not sure of your wheel size, just send us the make and model or photo of your stroller and we can make sure it will fit. 

Note: This ski set do not fit Bugaboo Donkey wheel configuration, due to the skis awesome length. The 4X4 stroller ski set fit perfectly on the Donkey.  Not advised for dual wheel strollers, 4X4 Stroller Skis are designed for dual wheels.

RX4 – 4 Wheel Polar Stroller Ski Set 

Sylue products used

marten machining
magnum machining

1. Self locking nut
4 self locking nuts are assembled on each ski, total 8 nuts.
2. Back plate
This new design, but it is not used on ski finally.
3. Ski
Orange skis are the original and popular version.

micro machining
Overview of Sylue

SYLUE founded in 1982, at present, SYLUE is a middle company in Ningbo, including CNC machining services, Lost wax investment casting services and Forging services.

SYLUE always has a operation principle in heart, “Customer First, Quality First”.
“Customer First”:
1. 7 days refundable without reason
2. 1 year warranty
3. 0.1% per day delayed fine
“Quality First”:
1. ISO9001 & 5S Management
2. 100% inspection
3. More than 3 times inspection for each item

At the beginning of founding, SYLUE only developed 100 kinds parts and finished 30000pcs per year.
In 2017, SYLUE already developed 10000 kinds parts and finished 5000000pcs per year.
SYLUE predicts SYLUE will develop 30000 kinds parts and finish 20000000pcs in 2020.

SYLUE has 5000m2 Factory, we have CNC machining workshop, Casting workshop, Stamping Workshop and Forging workshop. SYLUE has 25pcs CNC machines, 6pcs CNC machining centers, 4pcs CNC stamping machines, 2pcs large deep drawing machines, etc.
SYLUE’s people is strict and lively, positive and antrorse, we embrace customers, we embrace future!!!

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