What is carbon steel used for?

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What is carbon steel?

Carbon steel is an iron-carbon alloy with a carbon content of 0.0218% to 2.11%. Also called carbon steel. Generally also contains a small amount of silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus. The higher the carbon content in carbon steel, the greater the hardness and the higher the strength, but the lower the plasticity. Commonly used in the manufacture of small and medium-sized carburizing, carbonitriding and other parts that are less important in automobiles, tractors and general machinery manufacturing. Such as hand brake shoes, lever shafts, tie rods, flanges, pipes, fasteners on automobiles.

Carbon steel material trademark

DIN St33, DIN RSt37-2, DIN RSt50-2, ASTM 1008, ASTM 1010, ASTM 1015, ASTM 1020, ASTM 1025, ASTM 1030, ASTM 1035, ASTM 1040, ASTM 1045, ASTM 1050, ASTM 1055, ASTM 1060, ASTM 1065, ASTM 1070, ASTM 1075, ASTM 1080, ASTM 1085, ASTM 1016, ASTM 1019, ASTM 1026, ASTM 1033, ASTM 1037, ASTM 1039, ASTM 1566
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What is ss400 steel?

JIS SS400 is the same as DIN RSt37-2 (GB Q235, A36). SS400 steel contains 17%-22% carbon.

Characteristic for SS400

Has higher strength and hardness, slightly lower plasticity. This steel is mostly used in the hot rolled state.

What is a36 steel used for?

It is suitable for the manufacture of steel for building structures, bridges, etc., such as angle steel, channel steel, I-beam, reinforced steel, etc. On agricultural machinery, such as plows, hoes, and unimportant mechanical structural parts, such as tie rods, collars, shaft connecting rods, etc.
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What is ASTM 1010 steel?

ASTM 1010 steel contains 7%-13% carbon.

Characteristic for ASTM 1010

The strength is slightly higher than ASTM 1010. Plasticity and toughness are also very good, no temper brittleness. In the normalized or cold drawn state, its machinability is good. In the cold state, easy to mold, extrude. However, the hardenability and hardenability are low.

What is ASTM 1010 used for?

It can be made into various parts with little stress and good toughness by bending, upsetting, hot pressing, cold stamping or rolling, welding and other methods. Such as friction plates, deep-drawing vessels, shell casings, automobile bodies, bearing cages, various enamel products and containers and welding parts with little stress, as well as cold heading parts such as screws and nuts. It can also be used to manufacture surface-treated parts such as carburizing that require low core strength. After annealing, it can also be used to manufacture electromagnets, etc.
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What is ASTM 1020 steel?

ASTM 1010 steel contains 17%-23% carbon.

Characteristic for ASTM 1020

Strength slightly higher than ASTM 1010.

What is ASTM 1020 used for?

It is suitable for the manufacture of small and medium-sized carburizing, carbonitriding and other parts that are not very important in the manufacture of automobiles, tractors and general machinery manufacturing. For example, the hand brake shoe on the car, the lever shaft, the transmission fork, the transmission driven gear and the camshaft on the tractor, the suspension balancer shaft, the inner and outer bushings of the balancer, etc.
In the hot-rolled or normalized state, it is used to manufacture various mechanical parts that require little force and require high toughness.
For forging and pressing tie rods, shackles, levers, sockets, clamps, etc. in heavy and medium machinery construction。In the manufacture of steam turbines and boilers, it is mostly used to manufacture pipes, flanges, headers and various fasteners that work in non-corrosive media. Used to make castings parts such as crossheads, pistons, etc. on railways, rolling stock。
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What is ASTM 1045 steel?

ASTM 1045 steel contains 42%-50% carbon.

Characteristic for ASTM 1045

ASTM 1045 is commonly used quenched and tempered structural steel. It has high strength, good plasticity and toughness, and excellent machinability. After modulation, its comprehensive mechanical properties are better than other medium carbon structural steels, but low hardenability. When diameter is bigger than 80mm, After quenching and tempering or normalizing, its mechanical properties are similar, and high strength and toughness can be obtained after quenching and tempering for small and medium-sized parts. For large parts, normalizing treatment is appropriate, so this steel is usually used in a quenched and tempered or normalized state. However, the weldability is poor, preheating is required before welding, and stress relief annealing is performed after welding.

What is ASTM 1045 used for?

It is suitable for manufacturing parts with high strength and certain hardness and toughness. For example, impellers of turbines, pumps and pistons of compressors, shafts, gears, racks, connections, worms, etc. in medium and heavy machinery and equipment. Various hand tools such as wrenches can also be manufactured. Because it is suitable for surface hardening treatment, it can be used as a substitute for carburized steel. Such as machine tool spindles, gears, crankshafts, piston pins and various drive shafts.
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What is spring steel?

Spring steel is ASTM 1566, which contains 63%-70% carbon.

ASTM 1566 spring steel material specification

It is the most versatile carbon spring steel with high strength, hardness, elasticity and hardenability. After annealing, the machinability is still good, but the cold deformation plasticity is low and the weldability is poor. This steel is generally used after quenching and tempering at medium temperature.

What is ASTM 1566 used for?

It is suitable for the manufacture of leaf springs with a thickness of 5-15mm and medium load, coil springs with a diameter of 7-20mm and other spring parts. It can also be used after quenching, low temperature tempering or quenching and tempering, and surface quenching. It is used to manufacture mechanical parts that require high wear resistance, high strength and high elasticity. For example, machine tool spindles, spring chucks, screw rods of confidential machine tools, agricultural machinery parts subject to friction, and railway rails. It can also be used to make woodworking saw blades, etc.
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