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Sinster is the best precision CNC machining manufacturers in East China.
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Choosing a machining manufacturer partner can be a complex decision. It is no longer to select a machining manufacturer who can produce the parts within the tolerance. It is importance now lies in finding a company that can keep the parts’ surface smoothly, can add value across the entire production process and allow you to focus your time and resources on helping your business grow.
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China good CNC machining manufacturers

China has many many of precision CNC machining manufacturers, in the north, in the south, in the east, and in the west. 90% of the machining manufactures are the same, they are good at producing size parts. These CNC machining manufacturers don’t know how to produce appearance parts, even if you give them equal expensive price. But the other 10% precision CNC machining manufactures focus on high quality of appearance parts. SINSTER is one of the 10% top precision CNC machining companies.

The conditions of the best precision CNC machining manufacturer

If you audit a precision CNC machining company, you have to know its history, introduction, certificates, machines, workers, inspection, maintenance, training, tools, etc. You can see SINSTER audit report as an example.

Introduction of SINSTER

SINSTER’s history

SINSTER founded in 1982, at present, SINSTER is a top precision CNC machining manufacturer in Ningbo, including CNC machining services, Lost wax investment casting services, Forging services, and metal stamping services.

SINSTER’s principle

SINSTER always has a operation principle in heart, “Customer First, Quality First”.
“Customer First”:
1. 7 days refundable without reason
2. 1 year warranty
3. 0.1% per day delayed fine
“Quality First”:
1. ISO9001 & 5S Management
2. 100% inspection
3. More than 3 times inspection for each item

SINSTER Capacity Summary

At the beginning of founding, SINSTER only developed 100 kinds parts and finished 30000pcs per year. In 2017, SINSTER already developed 10000 kinds parts and finished 5000000pcs per year. SINSTER predicts SINSTER will develop 30000 kinds parts and finish 20000000pcs in 2020.

Facility Size

SINSTER has 5000m2 Factory, we have CNC machining workshop, Casting workshop, Stamping Workshop and Forging workshop. SINSTER has 25pcs CNC machines, 6pcs CNC machining centers, 4pcs CNC stamping machines, 2pcs large deep drawing machines, etc.
SINSTER’s people is strict and lively, positive and antrorse, we embrace customers, we embrace future!!!

Catalogue of introduction

SINSTER can produce all the materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, carbon steel, titanium, plastic, etc.
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Certificate of Sinster

SINSTER is ISO9001 &TUV certificated

rapid prototyping training
rapid prototyping system

The contents of audit for top China precision CNC machining manufacturer

Basic information


Valid business license: Yes
Business license number: 92330226MA2AFA8T7L
Year of Established: 1982
Facility Address: Zhangjiaxi Village, Qiaotouhu Street, Ninghai, Ningbo China
Type of company: Manufacturer
Type of Ownership: Individual business

Other Information

Website: ,
Tel: 0086-574-87364796
Fax: 0086-574-87527535
Office address: 2103 HaoRu Building, No. 468 TaiKang Middle Road, Ningbo 315100 China

Facility Overview

Buildings: 2
Total Area (M2): 3300M2
Production Area (M2): 2500M2
Office Area (M2): 100M2

Human Resource

Organizer Chart

Employees Breakdown

General Manger
Vice General Manager
Qty of employees


General Manger
Vice General Manager
General Manger
Vice General Manager
Sales Manager
Purchasing Manager
Production Manager
Finance Manager
Quality Manger
Xiangjun Jin
Zenlong Jin
Gina Li
Feifei Yuan
Jiianeng Zhang
Xiaoxia Hu
Jinlian Wang
Work Experience (Year)

Production Procedure and capacity

Raw Material cutting procedure
CNC machining procedure
CNC milling procedure
CNC drilling procedure
CNC stamping procedure
CNC tapping procedure
Automatic polishing procedure
Manual polishing procedure
Water pressure test procedure
Drying procedure
Shot blasting procedure
Sand blasting procedure
Ultrasonic cleaning procedure
Packing procedure

Production machines and maintenance

Machine Name
CNC Milling Center
CNC Machines
Automatic Polishing Machine
Drilling Machine
Cutting Machine
Automatic lathe
Semi-Automatic lathe
Tapping Machine
Shot blasting Machine
Sand blasting Machine
Manual Polishing machine
Packing Mahchine
Stamping Machines
Laer Marking Machine
Model No.
Latest Maintenance
10th May, 2021, good working
10th March , 2021, good working
5th August, 2021, good working
10th March, 2021, good working
10th March, 2021, good working
4th May, 2021, good working
10th March, 2021, good working
10th March, 2021, good working
5th August, 2021, good working
5th August, 2021, good working
10th March, 2021, good working
10th March, 2021, good working
10th March, 2021, good working
10th March, 2021, good working

Product Capacity

Production line: 4
Capacity of year: 10000000PCS
Actual output of year: 6200000PCS

Research and Development

3 engineers have more than 15 years experience and 1 engineer has 10 years experience. AutoCAD and Pro-E are commonly used.

Quality Management System of machining manufacturer

Quality Control Overview

Structure of quality management

1. Independent quality department and quality manager available on site
2. Quality manager reported to top management directly
3. Independent QC available
4. Any inspection standard documented

Supplier and Subcontractor Control

1. Evaluation procedure available
2. The newest list of approved suppliers available
3. Procedure and record for contract evaluation available
4. Internal audit procedure and record available

Product inspection

1. Procedure and record for IQC available
2. Procedure and record for PQC available
3. Procedure and record for FQC available
4. Procedure and record for defective control

Safety testing and product control

1. Inter testing facility available
2. Random testing control by 3rd party lab
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Claim treatment

1. Procedure for claim treatment available
2. Clear procedure for claim and CAP available
3. Tracking identification on finished products or its package available
4. Procedure for products recall available

HR Management and Work Environment for Machining Manufacturer

HR Management

Work shift: 1 shift

Work Environment

1. 2 exits available in the area
2. Emergence lights and exit signs on the exit
3. Fire equipments available
4. Aisles are free from blocks
5. PPE available for special operation
6. First aid in the area
7. Monitor for noisy, waste and chemicals in area conducted per year
8. Clean drink water available in the area
9. Canteen available
10. Fire equipment available in canteen

Environment Protection

Environment protection management

1. Documents for environment available
2. Report for environment approval available
3. Procedure for energy saving and air emission available

Noisy and waste treatment

1. Monitor for noisy conducted
2. Monitor for waste water conducted
3. Monitor for waste air conducted
4. A specialist company is assigned to treat all solid waste in factory
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Outsourcing in machining manufacturer

Outsourcing capacity is very important for the best CNC machined components manufacturers. Normally, the outsourcings after machining milling are heat treatment and surface finish. You can see more detailed information for heat treatment and surface finish at:

Choosing the best outsourcing of companies


You can see the equipments if they are the newest model, newest model is usually most advanced, it can control the surface finish quality strictly.

Quality control

You can see the outsourcing companies if they have Quality System Regulations; if they have Quality Control Unit; if they have a formal documented employee training program; if Quality Control Unit function independently of Production; if they have a specialist test lab.

Product capacity

You can see the outsourcing suppliers if their production is smoothly; if they have spare capacity.

Environment of outsourcing suppliers

Environment is a most important element to judge if it is best or not. You can check everywhere if they put the rack tools tidily and separate the different kinds of rack tools; if everywhere is clean enough; if warehouse is tidily and separate the different kind if finished parts.

Environment protection

The outsourcing companies must have the environment protection certificate, which is awarded by government. They must have waste water treatment equipments, and works well every minutes. If they don’t have above, it is a big possible that they will be stopped some days in the future. It is also big risk for precision CNC machining manufacturers’ delivery time.
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Compared to other China precision CNC machining manufacturers

SINSTER’s advantage

General information

1. SINSTER guarantees that all work performed, or material provided conform to the mutually agreed upon specifications
2. SINSTER will not to change any part of the specification without prior written approval? This includes materials, sources of materials, methods or other critical specifications.
3. SINSTER has a system in place to ensure that the most recent specification is readily available to the appropriate personnel from the purchasing liaison.
4. SINSTER will have a meeting every Monday.
5. SINSTER’s employees have adequate education and training to perform their designated job.
6. SINSTER has a formal documented employee training program exist for Quality Control, Job Related Functions, and Quality System Regulations.
7. SINSTER has a Quality Control Unit and the Quality Control Unit function independently of Production.


8. SINSTER’s environmental conditions of the product and the cycle properly monitored
9. SINSTER’s precision cnc machining factory is clean everywhere.

Quality control

10. SINSTER will check the inspection tools every 12 months.
11. SINSTER will do inspection according inspection instruction, which is agreed by both customers and precision machining company.
12. SINSTER will do inspection report for each shipment
13. SINSTER will inspect the surface according to AQL 0.65
14. SINSTER will provide 8D report when defecting.
15. SINSTER will do RoHS approved zinc plating
16. SINSTER will record the raw material in stock when receiving.
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AQL report
5 axis cnc machine parts
Work Instruction
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8D report


17. SINSTER’s products are clean and rust protection.
18. SINSTER’s all product adequately marked as to its status.
19. All process charts approved and signed for each cycle by Manufacturing and quality control.
20. SINSTER’s product integrity adequately verified after sterility by Quality Control and documented.


21. SINSTER will pack the parts according to package instruction, which is agreed by both customers and precision machining company.
22. Take photos for record before shipment.

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