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What is CNC turning technology

CNC turning is turning with Computer Numerical Control, to machining complex workpieces such as straight cylinders, oblique cylinders, arcs, various threads, grooves, and worms. And CNC turning can compensate functions of linear interpolation and circular interpolation.

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CNC Turning Machines List

Machine Name


Model No.

Made By

Beach Size

CNC Turning Lathe


Dalian TongDa Machine

400mm x 600mm

Semi-automatic Turning Lathe



Taizhou Deli

400mm x 600mm

Manul Turning Lathe



Shenyang Machinery

400mm x 600mm

Workpiece Max Length
Workpiece Max Diameter
Workpiece Max Weight
Workpiece Min Tolerance

How does the CNC Turning work

1. Perform numerical calculation, process processing, arrangement and program design according to the processing technology content required by the part drawing
2. The numerical control program is compiled according to the program format specified by the numerical control lathe, and is completely recorded on the storage medium in the form of code, and the content of the processing program is transmitted to the numerical control device through input (manual, computer transmission, etc.).

3. The numerical control program (NC code) received by the numerical control system. The NC code is generated by the programmer on the CAM software or compiled by hand. It is a text data, which is more intuitive and easier to be understood directly by the programmer. Cannot be used directly for hardware. The numerical control device “translates” the NC code into machine code. The machine code is a binary file composed of 0 and 1, and then converted into electrical pulse signals for controlling movement in X, Z and other directions, as well as other auxiliary processing signals to pulse signals. 

4. According to the electrical pulse signals of X, Z and other motion directions, the servo system processes and drives the motion mechanism of the machine tool (spindle motor, feed motor, etc.) to move, so that the lathe automatically completes the processing of the corresponding parts.
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Advantages of CNC Turning Service


CNC turning has a higher efficiency than grinding. Turning often uses large cutting depths and high workpiece speeds. The metal removal rate is usually several times that of grinding. During turning machining processing, one clamping can complete multiple surface processing, while grinding requires multiple installations, so the auxiliary time is short and the position accuracy between the processed surfaces is high.


The equipment investment cost is low. When the productivity is the same, the investment of the lathe is obviously better than that of the grinder, and the cost of the auxiliary system is also low. For small batch production, turning does not require special equipment, while large batch processing of high-precision parts requires CNC machine tools with good rigidity, high positioning accuracy and high repeat positioning accuracy.


Suitable for small batch flexible production requirements. The lathe itself is a flexible processing method with a wide range of processing. The lathe is easy to operate and fast in turning and clamping. Compared with grinding, hard turning can better meet the requirements of flexible production.


Hard CNC turning can make the parts obtain good overall machining accuracy.


Using various tools on the holder to cut different directions surface fastly.


Air defense
Automobile Industry
Mould Making
Connecting rod
Shock absorber
Valve body
Lamp housing

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