The CNC Machining Technology To Produce Spare Parts For Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Products, Electronics, Energy, Industrial, Medical, Robotics, Train, Fire Fighting, Tool, Measure, Equipment, musical instruments

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CNC Milling Services

The pieces are usually complex, CNC turning is not enough to finish the shape and all sizes. CNC milling is necessary. CNC milling can turning Z axis direction. Sylue has CNC milling capabilities.

CNC Turning Services

When you have enough sections, you will transit them to the CNC turning lathe. CNC turning is only to turning X axis direction, Y axis direction, and the round size. Sylue has CNC turning capabilities.
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CNC Grinding Services

CNC grinding is used to get good tolerance and good surface. Only round surface and flat surface can be used on CNC grinding. Sylue has CNC grinding capabilities.
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CNC Drilling Services

If the drawings have the holes, you can use CNC drilling to drill the holes, instead of CNC turning. CNC drilling is much faster than CNC turning. Sylue has CNC drilling capabilities.

4 Axis CNC Machining Services

When you have the parts, which are complex, arc, and have radium, our 4 axis CNC machines are trustable. Based on these machineries, the rotating speed can reach 5000 r/min, our team can ensure your parts are in accurate size and smooth surface, each cut is within the tolerance. Combine our CNC turning lathes, CNC grinding lathes and CNC drilling/tapping lathes, you will get the prefect parts for performance.

Sylue Machines List

Machine Name
Model No.
Latest Maintenance
4 axis CNC Center
10th May, 2021, good working
CNC Turning Machine
10th March , 2021, good working
Automatic Polishing Machine
5th August, 2021, good working
CNC Drilling Machine
10th March, 2021, good working
CNC Cutting Machine
10th March, 2021, good working

China Top CNC Machining Services Shop

Sylue is the leader of China CNC machining services company with not only strictly size-controlled but also high-quality surface checked. Sylue is specialized in aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, and plastic raw material, is familiar with the standard of DIN 7168 tolerance, MIL-A-8625F anodizing, DIN 4763 roughness, DIN 50150 hardness, ISO14405 hole, and shaft tolerance, RoHS galvanizing. 

Aluminum CNC Machining Services

Aluminum is soft and light. It can be machined to different shapes. It has two kinds of aluminum, precision machining aluminum and precision casting aluminum. Machining aluminum includes rod, tube, wire, and different shapes extrusions. Machining aluminum is also strong. After T6 treatment, aluminum will be as strong as steel. After T7 treatment, aluminum will be stronger than steel. Aluminum can be anodized to different colors to get protection surface.
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Stainless Steel CNC Machining Services

Stainless steel is a rust proof and food grade. It is wide used in our life, such as flask, bowl, kettle, etc. Because stainless steel is hard and malleable, choosing the correct machines and special blades are very important. All Sylue’s machines are rail line cnc machines, and Sylue use special stainless steel blade to make the surface smoothly and brightly, to control all the size within the tolerance. AISI 304 and AISI 316 are the most popular, also are the most made in Sylue.
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Brass CNC Machining Services

Brass is popular used in electric industry. Compared to aluminum, its electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity are better, but the price is more expensive. Brass is also popular used in sanitary industry. Because the brass is better for cnc machining, the surface after cnc machining services can reach Ra 1.6 roughness. Brass is also good for polish and surface treatment. The finished products are always shiny and look high level.
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SYLUE Equipments

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Quote Flow of Precision CNC Machining Services


Send drawings in JPG, PDF, DWG, STP, STEP, SLDPRT, IGS format or copied prototype


You will get a competitive price as quick as 15 minutes, and the quotation will be valid for 30 days


Rapid prototype will be finished as fast as one day without molds

Samples for CNC Machining Services China

Stainless Steel Parts
301 Stainless Steel Bushing
Brass Parts
Brass Fire Extinguisher Coupler
Cass Precision Machining Aluminium Parts
Silver Anodized Aluminum Handle
Brass Custom Microphone Capsule Electric Parts
Brass Custom Microphone Capsule Electric Parts
Aluminum Parts
Black Anodized Aluminum Rotating Head
Machining Shafts
AISI304 Inox Advanced Precision Machining Shaft
Aluminum Parts
Anodizing 6061 Aluminum Bullet
Inox RC Parts
304 Stainless Steel Swiss precision machining Hex Screw
7075 Precision Machining Services
Red Anodized Aluminum Hookah Tube
Acrylic Parts
ABS Fire Extinguisher Switch Cover
Marine Treske Precision Machining
Marine 316L Stainless Steel Turnbuckle
ABS Cnc Machining Parts Company
POM Black Cass Precision Machining Switch


“We are a CNC machining services company that will take a secret for all the documents and designs from customers, the products will never be shown on the website or trade show. Our advantage is extremely high quality, fast delivery time, and super guarantee. We will guarantee all parts from Sylue for 1 year”
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