What are standard machining tolerances?

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CNC Machining Tolerance

Important of Machining Tolerance

Referred to dimensional accuracy, you have to specify the machining tolerance for each dimension.
If a part’s dimensions, you produce, that are out of machining tolerances,
The parts will be unusable due to the main features and functions are not according to design idea.

Machining Tolerance Definition

Machining tolerances are the value of deviation in specified dimensions of parts caused by the manufacturing Production process.

Standard Machining Tolerances

There are many tolerances standards, for example, general tolerance standard, shaft tolerance standard, hole tolerance standard, ball tolerance standard, bearing tolerance standard, bushing tolerance standard, thread tolerance standard, etc

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CNC Machining Tolerance Chart

CNC Services Debt Collection DIN7168

General Tolerance Standard DIN 7168/DIN 2768

Shaft Tolerance ISO286-1

Aerospace Machining ISO286-1
Brake Rotor Machining ISO286-1

Hole Tolerance ISO286-1

Ball Tolerance Standard DIN5401

Electrochemical Machining DIN5401

Bearing Machining Tolerance Standard DIN5406

Bushing Tolerance Standard NDC

AG Machining NDC
GB/T 7307​

Thread Tolerance Standard GB/T 7307

Socket Hexagon and Square Machining Tolerance

Socket Hexagon and square tolerance
Cast Microfinish Comparator

Cast Surface Roughness Table

CNC Machining Production Process Tolerance

CNC Machines

± 0.0005″ | 0.0127mm

Laser Cutting Machines

± 0.010″ | 0.254mm

3-Axis Mill

± 0.0025″ | 0.0635mm

4-Axis Mill

± 0.0025″ | 0.0635mm


± 0.0050″ | 0.13mm

Surface Roughness (Finish)



± 0.0100″ | 0.25mm

Workers Operation Is Most Important For Keeping Machining Tolerance

Machining Process

An experienced worker is very important for keeping tolerance.
When he operated the machine to do the machining process,
He has to keep the part specified tolerance and machine tolerance in the heart.
As long as he forgets one of the tolerances,
He cannot program the correct data in the machine,
All the parts will be finished in the wrong dimensions.

Production Inspection Process

Without inspection will also cause a serious accident. 
You have to do first article inspection and randomly inspection per 30 minutes,
Otherwise, all the parts are incorrect from the first article to the end.

100% Fully Final inspection Before Package

Even if you do the first article inspection and randomly inspection per 30 minutes during production,
It still has the possibility to c&c machining wrong dimensions,
So the 100% fully final inspection is necessary very much.
The final inspection will check all the dimensions and inspect the wrong parts out.
It will make sure all the dimensions for all the parts are correct when your customer received them.

The China Manufacturer Knows The Machining Tolerance

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