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SYLUE, a precision CNC machining manufacturer, provides precision & advanced cnc machining services for different metal parts and plastic parts

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SYLUE is a China customized precision CNC machining manufacturer, which is founded in 1982.

At present, SYLUE is a middle size precision cnc machining manufacturer in Ningbo, including CNC machining services, Lost wax investment casting services, and Forging services.
SYLUE always has an operating principle in heart,


“Customer First, Quality First”.
“Customer First”:
1. 7 days refundable without reason
2. 1-year warranty
3. 0.1% per day delayed fine
“Quality First”:
1. ISO9001 & 5S Management
2. 100% inspection
3. More than 3 times inspection for each item


At the beginning of founding, SYLUE only developed 100 kinds cnc machining parts and finished 30000pcs per year.

In 2017, SYLUE already developed 10000 kinds parts and finished 5000000pcs per year.
SYLUE predicts SYLUE will develop 30000 kinds parts and finish 20000000pcs in 2020.


SYLUE has 5000m2 Factory, we have CNC machining workshop, Casting workshop, Stamping Workshop, and Forging workshop. SYLUE has 25pcs CNC machines, 6pcs CNC machining centers, 4pcs CNC stamping machines, 2pcs large deep drawing machines, etc.


SYLUE’s people are strict and lively, positive, and antrorse, we embrace customers, we embrace the future!!!

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China Precision CNC Machining Manufacturer

Sylue is a professional cnc machining parts producer. Sylue can produce stainless steel machining parts, aluminum machining parts, brass machining parts, carbon steel machining parts, titanium machining parts, and plastic machining parts. Sylue can reach 0.0001 inch tolerance. All sylue parts are guaranteed by one year. Good quality, excellent services, fast delivery are three advantages of sylue.
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Why us?

Good China Precision CNC Machining Manufacturer

Electrical Discharge Machining 8D report

8D Production Rerport

We use 8D report to control the production and use CPK to control the sizes correct

Ceramic Cnc Machining Work Instruction

100% Fully Inspection

We inspect product one by one not only sizes but also surface with AQL report
Auto Cnc Machining Pvt Ltd AQL report

Work Instruction & Package Instruction

We use the work instruction report and package instruction report to control the quality of the product before shipment

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Most frequent questions and answers


More Details About Precision CNC Machining Manufacturer

CNC technology is a technology for using digital information to control mechanical motion and working process.

CNC milling machines is Computer Numerical Control Milling Machines.
CNC milling is a technics  for being used to manufacture prismatic parts.


SYLUE is a customized parts manufacturer, we can make CNC machining parts, investment casting parts, die casting parts, and stamping parts.
You just send us the cnc machining materials drawings, samples, or your ideas, then we can make a program and quote you the competitive price.
Yes, we have a design engineer and have rich experience developing fast cnc machining products.

Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, plastic

Prototype as fast as one day.

As hard as HRC 45

Galvanization, chrome-plated, electrophoresis, phosphate, anodizing MIL-A-8625F, PVD coated, gold plated, silver plated, electropolishing, black oxide, Zn-Ni Plated, Zn-Fe, painting, powder coated, etc
200hours UV test, 96hours Salt Spray Test, Metallographic test, Hardness test, torsion test, strength test, etc
We always produce the parts according to DIN7168-f,m. Minumum tolerance, we can do, is +/-0.0002” (0.005mm) for CNC machining articles
1500mm length and 800mm diameter for heavy cnc machining
Normally, our payment term is 30% deposit by T/T in advance, the balance by T/T before shipment. Alipay, Paypal or Western Union is also acceptable. The payment term is negotiated.
Normally, we finish the order within 35 days. We will negotiate the delivery date together before the production started. We always ensure the delivery time, We will pay you 0.1% of the total amount per day as a fine if we delay. For example, we delay 10 days, we will pay you 1% of the total amount as a fine, you can deduct it in the balance of the money.
All of our products have a 1-year warranty, we will replace the bad parts for free including the shipping cost during the guarantee period. You just send us the photos and send back 10 pieces of bad samples, we will refund the money or replace the lot after we approve the issues.
Yes, we can assemble all the parts and test the works before shipment.
Our quotation is always valid unless the raw material price or exchange rate is changed too much.
Midest in France, Hannover Messe in Germany, Subcon in United Kingdom, M-Tech in Japan, IMTS in USA
North America, West Europe, Japan are our main markets. Such as the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, UK, Japan, etc.

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100% Quality Warranted

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