How To Import Chinese Aluminum Machining Parts To USA

This article will help you to import precision CNC aluminum machining parts to USA.
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Nowadays, Aluminum machining parts is popular in the industry. Aluminum is soft and light, many carbon steel machining parts are replaced with aluminum machining parts. Material aluminum is easy to be machined, machining aluminum also can protect CNC machines and reduce the loss of blades. Material aluminum is easy to be formed, you can get different complex shapes through gravity casting, die casting, cold forging, and hot forging. Meanwhile, anodizing is a bit better than zinc plating for rust resistance.

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Search a aluminum machining parts manufacturers

Before internet become all-pervading, the buyers search a China aluminum machining parts through exhibitions or yellow pages.

Yellow pages

Sometimes, yellow pages are not trustable. Because you never see anything only through the telephone.


So exhibitions are the most important way to find a good Chinese precision aluminum machining parts manufacturer. There are many exhibitions all of the world, for example, Hannover Messe is the biggest in the world, Midest is the most specialist sub-contract in the world, Birmingham industrial is the biggest in UK, IMTS is the biggest in the north American, etc. 


Due to Covid-19 breaks out all of the world, exhibitions are forbidden to be organized again. Buyers are sourcing the aluminum CNC machining parts on Internet gradually. From 2019 to 2021, e-commerce platforms become more and more popular. Amazon becomes the biggest in the world, Shopee is the biggest in Southeast Asian, Alibaba is the biggest in China, etc. The buyers already like the platforms and learn to know how to process the order. SYLUE has website on Alibaba too.

Internet is better than yellow pages

As you can see above, the yellow pages’ disadvantage is that you don’t know anything about the machining manufacturers, but Internet can help you to solve this problem. On Internet, the precision CNC machining manufacturers always shows their products’ pictures, their factories’ pictures, their productions’ pictures. You can get all the detailed information directly.

Internet is more advanced

You can also find the 3D show room or 3D production on Internet. It means that you really stand at the factories by yourself. Videos also can help you recognize the machining manufacturers everywhere, including culture, workers, environment, etc.
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Communication of aluminum machining parts manufacturers

After you know all the information of the machining parts manufactures, and like to work them. You must to get a contact with them. You can send them the drawings or samples, which need to be copied; you can wait for sales’ reply. In the reply, you usually will get a quotation. You can see if the price is attracted, if the price is correct on the drawings’ information, and if the sales are good at aluminum machining industry. You can also make a call and test the language of sales. Fast is very important. The speed you get the reply is the same as the speed of production. You can also ask more details of CNC machining process to them, if you are still worried, i.e. how to make, how to pack, how to inspect, how to transit.

Audit the aluminum machining parts manufacturers

After you are satisfied with the aluminum machining parts suppliers information and quotation, you can start to process with the order. However, you are still have a bit worry, at this time, you can make a audit of supplier with a third party audit company, Chinese agent, or a friend in China.

The third party audit

The third party audit is common used. It is specialist and authority. Many transnational corporations expand their business to China, such as SGS, BV, TUV, ITS, AI, API, VDE, CSA, UL, etc.
They will provide you a specialist and objective audit report, which has score. You can decide how to process with the order according to the audit report. Obviously, the cost is expensive. It is about USD300 per day for audit supplier excluding transportation fee. And they usually charge 2 days at least for each audit.

Chinese agent

If you have a Chinese agent in China, it is easy to do a visit for audit supplier. It is best option, as your agent know your products, your quality level, your requested time; they know how to make these products; and they even know which machines to make them better. It is also cost saved, you just pay the transportation fee only.

Friends in China

Find a friend to do a audit is the last option. Your friends usually don’t know your products deeply and don’t know your industry very well, so they just help you to do a view audit to prove if it is a real aluminum machining parts manufacturer or not. You will pay them the transportation fee and hotel fee.

Contact with aluminum machining parts manufacturers

After you get a good audit report, it’s time to make a contact with precision CNC machining manufacturers. Before pay the deposit, you have to have a agreement with supplier for the raw material, products requirements, trade term, payment term, delivery time, insurance covered, package method, and anything else you concern. Normally, Pro forma Invoice is representative of contract. Pro forma Invoice (PI) will include the CNC machining manufacturers’ bank account. In the international trade, USD and EURO are most common used currency. In the industry area, the payment term is 30% deposit by T/T in advance, the balance by T/T before shipment (or against the copy of bill of lading).

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Aluminum Machining Parts Manufacturers Inspection After Precision CNC Machining

After the machining manufacturers receive the deposit and signed PI, they will start the production and finish the requested quantity on time. When the goods are ready for shipment, you will request you to pay the balance. At this stage, you don’t need to be hurry.

In house inspection

Every good CNC machining manufacturers have good and independent inspection department in house. They will do in house inspection first before package. So you can request them to send you in house inspection reports and the certificate of raw material. You can check if the raw material is the same as you request and all sizes are within the tolerance or not. Don’t forget to request them to send you different visual angles CNC machining parts photos clearly.

Third party inspection

Many CNC machining manufactures don’t have in house independent inspection department. They always won the contract or project through extremely cheap price. The third party inspection is necessary very much. SGS, BV, TUV, ITS, AI, API, VDE, CSA, UL, etc, is a good option, although it costs much money, it is better than you get the bad aluminum CNC machining parts at your end at least. You can also find many Chinese inspection company on Google, they are much cheaper.

Package and shipment are arranged by aluminum machining parts manufacturers


When you pass the inspection, the supplier will pack the goods according to the agreement. Aluminum machining parts are usually packed with individual opp bags (bubble basg or paper) and carton boxes. One box weight is no more than 20 kg. It is very strict, as people cannot pick up the box if overload. All boxes are loaded on non-fumigation pallet, one pallet weight is no more than 1 ton. If overland, the pallet will be broken during transit. Put the mark on two sides of box. Don’t forget write “Made In China” on mark too, it is good for US Customs clearance.
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Shipping to USA

Shipment methods

There are 5 shipping methods, i.e. by sea, by air, by courier, by truck, and by train. By courier is good for small parcels. By air is good for fast delivery. By sea, by truck, and by train is good for large goods. By sea is the cheapest, and can be delivered to the entire world. By truck is usually for Thailand and Vietnam. By train is good for Europe. USA usually is by air, by courier and by sea. Normally, the vessel sailing time to west of USA is about 20 days, the vessel sailing time to east of USA is about 30 days. Nowadays, there is new combination due to Amazon gradually. By sea first and by courier to your place. Cheaper and faster.

Top 10 ship-owning company

1. Maersk

Maersk Group was founded in 1904, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark; Maersk Group established an office in Guangzhou in 1984, which was the first office in China. It ranks first in the world in terms of shipping capacity, with 202,8048TEU and 540 container ships, including the world’s largest super Panama-class container ship Allen. The Maersk.

2. MSC

Mediterranean Shipping (MSC), headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Founded in 1970, MSC became the world’s second largest shipping company by container capacity and number of container ships in 2007, with a worldwide network of operations. In the 1970s, Mediterranean Shipping focused on developing shipping services between Africa and the Mediterranean Sea. 


CMA CGM, headquartered in Marseille, France, was founded in 1978. In the early stage, it mainly undertook business in the Black Sea region. In the late 1990s, CMA Group not only opened direct routes from the Mediterranean Sea to Northern Europe, the Red Sea, Southeast Asia and East Asia. 


EVERGREEN Marine Co., Ltd. was founded on September 1, 1968. Up to now, the company has been operating about 150 full-container ships, leading the world in both fleet size and container carrying capacity.


China Ocean Shipping Co., LTD. (COSCO)is one of the 53 ministerial-level central enterprises under the direct management of the Central People’s Government of the People’s Republic of China

6. HPG

Hapag-Lloyd (HPG), the Hapag-Lloyd (HPG)company was born on September 1, 1970, abbreviated as: HPG. Its predecessor was the North Deutsche Merchant Marine (NDL) based in Hapag-Hamburg and Bremen.

7. APL

The APL, formerly known as the Pacific Mail Line, was founded in 1848. APL has undergone an exciting transformation over the past century and a half to become one of the top five shipping and logistics services companies in the world. It merged with NOL GROUP of Singapore in 1997.

8. NYK

Japan Cruise Lines (NYK), founded in 1885, is now one of the world’s leading shipping companies. NYK’s mission is to maximize the use of information technology to provide customers with logistics and transportation services.


HANJIN Shipping is the largest shipping company in South Korea and one of the world’s ten largest shipping companies. With a fleet consisting of more than 200 container ships, bulk carriers and liquefied natural gas vessels, Hanjin Shipping operates more than 60 scheduled and irregular routes around the world, transporting hundreds of millions of tons of goods around the world every year.

10. MOL

Mitsui (MOL)is one of Japan’s three largest shipping companies, together with NYK and Kawasaki Steamlines. It ranks first in Japan in terms of net profit and market value, and is second only to NYK in terms of sales.

Trade term for shipment

According to contract term, you can find the trade term. FOB, CIF, and CFR are the common used in international trade. If FOB, the buyers arrange the shipment, you can book a shipping space through your nominated forwarding agent, you will pay the sea freight and the precision CNC machining suppliers will pay the Chinese port fee. The duty is on board. If CIF or CFR, the duty is to your port. The precision CNC machining suppliers will arrange the shipment by their shipping forwarder. They will pay all the cost to your port. CIF includes insurance, CFR excludes insurance. Supplier will arrange the inland transit and do Customs declaration, supplier must have import & export license, and otherwise the goods cannot be exported to abroad

Aluminum Machining Parts Arrival To The Destination

When the goods arrive, the Vessel Company or shipping forwarder can inform you. You should do import Customs clearance according to notification.

Import broker or agent

If it is first time you import the goods to USA, you don’t know how to process. You can look for an import brokers or agents at you end. Compared with different brokers or agents, the charges and services are different. You can also contact the shipping forwarder, who ships the goods to the port, shipping forwarder can recommend a good broker, and it’s more convenient.


The CNC machined components suppliers should send Customs clearance documents to you, including Invoice, packing list, Bill of Lading (B/L). if China is most favoured nations to USA, you can ask CNC machined components suppliers to send you CO (CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN), Form A (GENERALIZED SYSTEM OF PREFERENCES CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN) or Form E (ASEAN-CHINA FREE TRADE AREA PREFERENTIAL TARIFF CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN FORM E).

HS Code

The HS code for aluminum machining parts is 761690.

Normal Customs Tariff

When you finish the Customs clearance, you will pay the port cost and import tariff. You can search the US tariff at:

Extra tariff

Due to the trade dispute between China and USA, USA government already charge extra tariff of 25% for all aluminum machining parts from 2019.

Anti-dumping duty

USA charge anti-dumping duty for aluminum profile, seamless tube, and welding tubes, the extra tariff is from 32.79% to 33.28%.
Avoid 25% tariff and anti-dumping duty, first import to Mexic or Canada, then import them to USA. Still have risk.

Inland transit

Based on CIR or CFR, the CNC machining factories only deliver the goods to your destination port, It’s you should arrange the inland transit, pick them up by yourself or ask shipping forwarder to arrange the inland transit to your place. If you are in the middle of USA, sea and train are better combination.

Aluminum Machining Parts Inspection At Your End

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You finish all the processes and you can get your goods arrival to your place. You must do in house size inspection and assembling inspection randomly. View the package if it is goods; sort the parts you order; count the boxes and total quantity; inspect all the sizes if they are within the tolerance; test to assemble the parts, metallographic analysis the material.

Claim Compensation For Bad Aluminum Machining Parts

When you find bad parts during inspection, you should make a inspection report, take photos, and make a claim statement to the CNC machining factories. Good CNC machining factories have warranty for their products, such as SYLUE has 1 year warranty. It’s easy to do claim compensation, it’s also easy for them to find which process is wrong. But bad CNC machining factories don’t have warranty, it’s hard for you to do claim compensation. When you work with bad CNC machining factories, Alibaba trade assurance can help you to protect your orders.

This is the all process for importing the aluminum machining parts from China to USA. These can help you to import the goods successfully.

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