17-4 PH Investment Casting

Material: 17 ph stainless steel
Surface finish: Blasting blasting
How to make: Stainless steel investment casting services, CNC machining services
Inspection: AQL1.0 for visual inspection, 100% dimensions inspection
Size: D33.2×39.8×45.8, BSP 1/8″ thread
Used Country: United Kingdom
Warranty: 1 year
The same size as the drawings
Customized available


17-4 PH Investment Casting Descraption


Investment casting is a kind of casting, which use silica sol to make the precision stainless steel, carbon steel, and brass & bronze parts. There are nine technics process steps for investment casting.

metal investment casting


Silica sol shell injected. Using mold injection make to make the silica sol housing. The mold is made based on the part shape. Normally, manual single injection mold is requested for small quantity, and automatic multiple injection mold is requested for large quantity.


Shell making. Dipping the silica sol housing in the special chemical thick liquid pot. The special chemical liquid will be on the shell after several minutes.
products made by investment casting
investment precision casting


Putting on the sand. Putting the shell in the sand pot. The sand will be on the shell due to the special chemical liquid pot.


Air drying. Hang the shell with the sand on the rack. The rack will be in the constant temperature and constant humidity room. The shell will be dried by air in the room.

refractory investment cast
signicast investment castings


Silica sol shell removing. Melting the silica sol shell in the stove. The sand housing will be hollow without silica sol shell.


Investment casting. Melting the stainless steel ingot, carbon steel ingot, brass ingot, or bronze ingot. Pouring the melting metal water in the sand housing. Put the housing in the ground to cooling.

manufacturer of investment castings
soluble wax investment casting


Removing the sand. Put the cooling sand housing in the removing sand machine. The sand will shake out and remove. The metal surface will appear out.


Polishing the feeding point. The feeding point will be polished out by manual polishing machine.
metal polish
sand blast aluminum


Sand blasting. Put the metal piece in the sand blasting machine. The surface of metal piece will be good looking after sand blasting.
sand blasting aluminum

The surface roughness table sheet for 17 PH investment casting

surface rougness


17-4 Investment Casting, CNC Machining

Surface finish


D33.2×39.8×45.8, BSP 1/8″ thread. large sizes stainless steel 17 ph investment casting parts or small sizes stainless steel 17 ph investment casting parts.

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