CT and BT Style ATC-0028 Retention Ring Clips

Material: AISI 4140 carbon steel
Surface finish: Heat treatment and black oxide
How to make: Hot forging services and CNC machined services
Inspection: AQL1.0 for visual inspection, 100% dimensions inspection
Size: R1.36”x0.25”x1.375”
Used Country: The United States
Warranty: 1 year
The same size as the drawings
Customized constructions, customized sizes, and customized material available


CT and BT Style ATC-0028 Retention Ring Clips Descraption


The retention ring clip is assembled on the turret carrier (ATC-0009 BT and ATC-0009 CT). It is applicable on Fadal tool. When you change the Fadal CT and BT tools, flip the ATC plate, remove the old clip. The CT and BT tools are held in place using ATC-0028 tool retention rings. Each tool needs one clip.

The retention ring clips are made of AISI 4140 carbon steel. The blank is made by hot forging. After hot forging, the clips construction is more steady and stronger. The CT and BT style ATC-0028 retention ring clips are also CNC machined to the precise size. The flatness is +/-0.1mm. Heat treatment is requested to reach higher hardness. The hardness is HRC 52. They are durable and good working. Black oxide is requested to avoid rust.


Hot forging services and CNC machined services

Surface finish

Heat treatment and black oxide


R1.36”x0.25”x1.375”, large sizes tool holder clips or small sizes tool holder clips.

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