The internship summary of CNC machining china

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CNC machining China

The internship summary of CNC machining china

1. I’m writing my Mood in CNC machining China company

2. Good atmosphere in my CNC machining China work place​

3. What I learn from a CNC machining China manufacturer

4. Three stages leaning in CNC machining China factory

(1) Basic knowledge

a. Study in the work

b. Using the knowledge

(2)Learning ERP system

(3) Harvest a lot

7. Internship ending

8. Introduction of my CNC machining China Manufacturer

1. I’m writing my Mood in CNC machining China company

This is a dark and windy night; I began to write the summary of my internship in CNC machining china cbompany at the bedside.
I feel excited and even a little sleepy. on 6th September, I finished my internship in CNC machining china company.
In retrospect, it’s incredible how time spends. The process is from unenlightened foreign trader of CNC machining china to understand basic knowledge of foreign trader of CNC machining china.
And then I feel glad to get the first order for prototype machining. I thanks my dear colleagues for helping me solve problems and caring for me.

2. Good atmosphere in my CNC machining China work place

I very like the atmosphere of the company,
a. like saying suppliers and clients with Tina Tao,
b. like all of the food recommendation from Claire Hu,
c. like patient instruction from Gina Li every time,
d. like Eric Shen’s cute smile,
e. like Jerry Zhang swore again and again,
f. like Manager Shawn Zhang has a generous sense of humor.
These are my impression of the beauty and truth of each person. Everyone is rustic, simple and united; it’s my most desirable working environment.

3. What I learn from a precision cnc machining manufacturers

During this period, I also feel helpless, boring and tedious process. However, when the customers placed the order for prototype machining, I think it is worth. In brief, my knowledge level, mentality, thinking and working methods have improved.
CNC machining prototype service

4. Three stages leaning in CNC machining China factory

(1) Basic knowledge

In the first stage is the basic understanding of CNC machining prototype service. Mainly divided into two parts

a. Study in the work

The first part mainly studied in the work about raw material (carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, titanium, bronze, plastic, rubber), surface treatment (zinc plated, chrome plated, brass plated, gold plated, anodizing, black oxide, phosphate), quantity (8D report, AQL report) and other requirements of the main professional term. identify the information of drawing elements and translate them into English and Chinese, as well as the draw of the view of the product. The biggest harvest is not only the judgment of product process for cnc machining tips, but also marking drawing information, which is the premise of the quotation.

CNC turning service workshops visit

In order to better learn the machining and cnc technology, the managers took me to visit the workshops twice to understand the scale of our factory, the work of workers, the display of cnc service engineer resume samples, feel the texture of products, look at the color of products, smell the fragrance of oil. I also have a more intuitive understanding and judgment of machining, turning, milling, drilling, tapping, and other process technologies, great visual comfort, It cured my OBSessive-compulsive disorder. Of course, it is worth mentioning that our factory’s food is great, delicious!

b. Using the knowledge

The second part is the output of the learning knowledge from the first part. At this point, I started the journey to quote, converting drawings into pictures, using drawing tools to mark information.

Painful experience

This is painful for me at the beginning of learning, and it is strange for me from dealing with drawing information and judging the process of products to find a cnc machining process. It will help me get a good quotation and then to track my engineer and our cooperated suppliers.

I insist to improve better

But when I looked at the expensive rent, I continue to insist, I careless operation, extensive collected quotation, even sometimes I forget which supplier send me the cnc milling machine parts and components quotation, which suppliers don’t have tracking information, which customer don’t reply me. I am very confused, I gradually began to sleep badly, and I dreamed of giving engineer & supplier enquiry, doing tai Chi with them, and learning the charm of the language.

I felt the pressure

Because I did not have an actual order, so my heart was a little guilty. Sure enough, fairies are soft During this period, I talked a lot with Manager Shawn Zhang about the mentality and the methods of supplier management. And I began to crazy absorption of knowledge for quality cnc machining.

(2) Learning ERP system in machining manufacturer

In the second stage is studing ERP and quoting. I accepted the baptism of a new knowledge, I mainly studied to

add the customer information,

product information,

make quotation,

export Pro forma Invoice,



payment term,

customs declaration,

tax refund,

there are many operation details are perfect, there are many new problems appear constantly, the old question wrong recurred, such as details of inputting price information.

Frequency mistake

I forget with the highest frequency is revising the title of the quotation to Sinster, and translating the tooling cost of purchase contract into Chinese, and complete more details of customs declaration and tax refund, learning that make me is gives me demanding, and due to lack of practice, I can’t understand deeply.

Gradually improving

I felt overwhelmed, but the work went on. With the increase of operating frequency, gradually become no longer difficult, then skilled, It is inseparable from the operation rules of ERP, It helped me a lot in making quotation and so on.

Pressure makes me worse

During this period, my health also appeared problems! I found that I began to lose my hair, every day feel unhappy, greasy face, the point is that I seem to be fat?! Maybe I have adult stress and worry, my cells are also arrogant, the immune system is declining.

I'm ill

I even had an ear inflammation, after a week, I actually have a fever! This is my first high fever in the past five years. Under the attack of high fever, I asked for my first leave. At the same time, I also felt the kind care from everyone when I was ill, my colleagues make my heart feel warm. But at that time, I still felt guilty and distressed for money. Of course, the day when I lay dead at home seemed not bad. Anyway, I shed tears of sadness and happiness.

(3) Harvest a lot

In the third stage, I really entered the actual combat state. In this stage, my work content was connected and my mood was as exciting as a roller coaster.
The content of the work
First talk about the content of the work, in the content is to join the actual communication with the cnc machined parts importers for sympro cnc machining and manufacturing. From the customer under the basic inquiry for the reply, basically divided into:
If you're curious about if your parts are ideal for CNC machining services, reach out to our team at once for more details with your email address.
Ask engineering rapid prototyping information;
Specify the price of the product;
Minimum quantity;
Product catalog for rapid cnc machining;
Mode of transport;
Terms of payment.
In order to ask them to send drawings of rapid prototype aluminum casting, we gave them a quotation with different expressions. In order not to be cumbersome, please check the work ledger for details.
After the inquiry
After the inquiry is the basis of quotation, I often forgot keep 7 days at the time of the expression, but learning of track is very large and the system, it is the place where I feel I need to be explored in the future.
Now what I learn
Now what I have learned is making Pro forma Invoice after tracking after quotation. The former is about target price, if our price is high, we can explain in the quality of our products. Otherwise we can say the increasing number of cuts can also achieve this price, if the customer has not reply, we can ask by phone. The latter is to ask whether payment has been made.
Search the customer & develop the customer

When faced with a customer, we can use Google check the company information, cnc machining vs manual machining product production situation, targeted to win the customer’s heart, carries on the preliminary evaluation to the customer, in addition, we can also learn in mike, fubu. When we develop new customers, we can accord to their existing products to promote our products, introduce our product quality assurance, little information on the laptop to introduce our company.

Link up with the supply and delivery
At this stage, it is necessary to link up with the supply and delivery. The most important thing is not to give some products with minimal single nature to the supplier. Otherwise it is easy to consume our friendship.
I maybe enter a myth

Now I think I maybe enter a myth, I quote for quoting, what diy cnc machine aluminum products to supplier in order to get the price, just to get the price, but little orders again and again, it make them feel disappointed. I feel I need to improve, review the product and their matching sex, inquire the reliability and customer inquiry. In this process, there is another detail that the factory must look for reference according to the customer’s product name. I have suffered two losses here, please remember.

The change of mentality
Next, I will talk about the change of mentality. My mood fluctuates, sometimes irritable, sometimes laughing; Sometimes lonely, sometimes simper; Sometimes sad, sometimes happy, sometimes relaxed, as if I am a mental illness. How can I have so many emotions, is this the trouble of adults?

Where are the negative emotions from

All the negative emotions are probably met by special rapid parts prototyping customers who don’t reply, don’t place orders, and do Tai Chi; Stupid supplier do not give the price for the maximum profit, I cry, why my price has been so low, customers do not order yet, may be this is the Tina Tao said that there is always someone who is better than us, these bad supplier! Although sometimes I’m as a middleman is also compared to the price. The quotation to customers did not be confirmed, repeating the same work and discourse every day. I lost enthusiasm and passion for work at some time.

Manager Zhang’s advance

So one day, under the manager Zhang’s channel, I go and see the experience of foreign trade, look at the customer’s company, seem to also pretty happy, in the words of manager Zhang, anyway, idle is idle, then My mindset was adjusted. Until I got my first order for cnc machining aerospace parts, I felt my efforts were worth. Though I think most of them are small elder brother and xiao li’s credit, appreciate their help me!!!!!!!

I feel excited

At that time my colleague also order milk tea to celebrate my first order for cnc machining aerospace parts, my heart have a great satisfaction, at the thought of bonus, the motivation to work overtime is full! , More worth mentioning is that I am really fat, from the work to now, I gained a full 3 kilograms! I do not believe, listen,and see. The weight of the pressure must be too much. I’m definitely not fat!

5. Internship ending in Sinster-A precision cnc machining manufacturers

On this crisp but slightly muggy autumn afternoon, I am coming to the end of my long internship writing. Of course, all knowledge systems for cnc machining and manufacturing need to be supplemented, all communication skills need to be improved, all cnc machining parts buyers need to be developed, all mentality needs to be adjusted, I hope I can be better and better in my work. I will continue to work hard, so that I can buy clothes, shoes, cosmetics, skincare and snacks with confidence. Let me pay the rent, the water, the electricity, the elevator with ambition. Let me eat KFC and McDonald’s, grilled fish, hotpot, milk tea, cake, ice cream nobly, Right, that’s it! that’s my motivation to work! Blunt! Here is my 3000 word summary of the internship in CNC machining China Company.
prototype machining

6. Introduction of my CNC machining China Manufacturer

I work at Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd, who is specialized in cnc machining service. We can produce all kinds of metal parts. We can cnc machining die casting blanks, as we have good die casting cooperated manufacturer. We can cnc machining lost wax casting blanks, as lost wax casting manufacturer is our brother company. We can cnc machining forging blanks, as forging factory is next to us.

Our products are exported to the Europe, Australia, North America. Many famous companies are our customers. You always find our parts in medicine, automobile, construction, energy, consumer products, electrics, robotics, industries, etc.

Please see more information at:

Feel free to contact me at:

I look forward to hearing from you and establishing good cooperation relationship.

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