What industries use precision CNC machining?

machining aluminum with a router
This Article will introduce the applications of precision CNC machining parts

Precision CNC machining is a great technology to create metal or plastic products. Precision CNC machining can produce various kinds of parts, all of them are used around us. When you feel tired, you want to take a seat, the stainless steel or carbon steel screws on the chairs are produced by precision CNC machining; When you go to another city, you will drive a car, the many of the car spare parts are produced by precision CNC machining, for example, tyre bolts, tyre nuts, engine plugs, suspension system connectors, axles, shafts, etc. When your place get a fire, you will to look for fire extinguishers, the fire extinguishers’ housing and joints are produced by precision CNC machining.

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Precision CNC machining parts are always in our life, this article will help you to know where they are.

1. Precision CNC machining in shock absorber

FOX Shox brief introduce

In 1974, Bob Fox set out on a quest to redefine motocross suspension believing that there had to be a better solution. In 1976, Kent Howerton won the 500cc AMA Motocross National Championship on FOX AirShox and Marty Smith backed it up in 1977—we haven’t looked back since and continue to rack up wins.
Forty-plus years later, the belief that a better solution exists is alive and well. FOX Factory’s family of brands design and manufactures performance products for mountain bikes, side-by-side vehicles, on-road and off-road vehicles and trucks, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, specialty vehicles and applications, and motorcycles.

CNC customer service

Aluminum shock switches, aluminum cylinder tubes, and aluminum shock connections are produced by precision CNC milling services and CNC drilling services in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd. Please visit Fox website to see more Sinster parts at: https://www.ridefox.com/
engine block machining prices

2. Precision CNC machining in beer couplers

(1). TecFlo brief introduce

Tecflo is proud to be constantly developing new designs to cater for the changing environment of the cellar and bar. We work closely with engineers and adapt products to create an efficient and productive environment. A clear example of this is the Keg Coupler Mk2 range. An original design feature has been causing unnecessary call outs to the cellar due to creating a kink in the piping, our design has completely eradicated it! Please visit Tecflo website for more details at: https://tec-flo.co.uk/

CNC lathe services

Tecflo Beer Coupler
Sankey Ccouplers and sockets, Grundy couplers and sockets, A type couplers and sockets, D type couplers and sockets, and ecoflo stainless steel pins and fobsafe stainless steel pins are produced by investment casting services and CNC machining services in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd

(2). DRAFT SYSTEMS Holland brief introduce

DRAFT SYSTEMS Holland will help build your draft beer systems to ensure the highest quality pour every time.
Pouring the perfect pint is more than just the skillful art of a well-trained bartender, it all starts with a well-built draft beer system. The draft beer system design process starts with an understanding of the dispensing environment and the expectations of our customers. From at home kegerators to commercial draft beer systems, many key factors work together to maximize taste, quality and profitability. Micro Matic USA knows how these systems work from the inside out, and will help you to build your draft beer system to ensure you get the highest quality pour every time. Please visit DSH website for more beer systems at: https://dsh-service.nl/

CNC online service

Stainless steel beer kegs taps, stainless steel beer keg connections, and stainless steel beer keg couplers are produced by precision CNC machining services in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd.

3. Precision CNC machining in soap dispenser

Winter & Bani brief introduce

In a market that is primarily characterized by pure functionality, we go one step further with Winter & Bani. With our high demands on quality, design and user experience, we create products that not only impress with their flawless performance, but also meet aesthetic and sustainable requirements. In order to further develop our products optimally and to meet the needs of our customers even better, we rely on customer proximity through availability and communication. With Winter & Bani we are taking our growing range of high-quality branded products to a completely new level: you will find products that combine functionality, quality and outstanding design with us at fair prices coupled with customer service tailored to your needs. Please visit Winter & Bani website for more details at: https://www.winterbani.com/

CNC technical services

The stainless steel soap dispenser tubes, stainless steel soap dispenser handles, and stainless steel soap dispenser nipples are produced by CNC machining services and CNC bending services in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd.
machining polycarbonate

4. Precision CNC machining in high speed train

Trunz Fahrzeugtechnik AG brief introduce

Trunz Fahrzeugtechnik AG is one of the leading designers, developers and manufacturers of lighting and system solutions for public transportation. We have a long and extensive experience in fulfilling specific customer and project requirements. As a strategic partner, we support you from the development to the assembly process.
We offer lighting and system solutions in the areas of interior, driver’s cab and cockpit, as well as special lighting. Electronic power supplies, drivers for LED solutions, supply units for signal lamps and charging devices complete our product range. We are also committed to provide you with the best services and support in modernization and refit projects, such as LED upgrade projects. We are your partner for integrated solutions. Please visit Trunz website for more details at: https://www.trunzfahrzeugtechnik.ch/en/

CNC metal cutting service

Trunz Light Ceiling

Aluminum light ceilings, aluminum light profiles, and aluminum light extrusions are produced by CNC machining services and metal stamping services in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd

5. Precision CNC machining in plant grow

Ecosomnia brief introduce

Ecosomnia provides plant parents with the tools they need to truly enjoy their plants and the sanctuary they call home. Taking care of plants is immensely enjoyable, however, can also be frustrating when they don’t respond well to your care and start feeling unwell. It’s not your fault – you’ve not been given the tools and knowledge to best take care of them. We are here to help. 

CNC pipe bending services

avocado vase

The powder coated carbon steel wire plant ranks are produced by precision CNC machining services and CNC bending services in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd https://www.syluecncmachining.com.

6. Precision CNC machining in pen

(1). Pelikan Group GmbH brief introduce

Pelikan Fountain Pen

Pelikan Group GmbH is headquartered in Berlin and is a leading brand-name company of quality paper, office and stationery supplies. Its product range features more than 12,000 items, from pencil sharpeners and napkins to school bags and high-quality writing instruments. The attractive and diverse range of products is divided into the segments writing/painting/crafts, office, school bags/bags/school rucksacks, premium writing instruments and greetings/gifts/decorations. Please visit Pelikan website for more information at: https://www.pelikan.com/

3D CNC machining services

Aluminum pen housings with double color anodized, brass pen nibs, and brass pen clips are produced by precision CNC machining and metal stamping in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd

(2). Hribarcain brief introduce

Hribarcain is a newly founded technology company, born on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in 2016. Since the success of their first product launch ‘Magno, The World’s First Magnetically Controlled Pencil’ the company have raised over £250,000 in revenue and acquired a vast customer following. They have consequently expanded into international sectors and provided products to thousands of happy customers worldwide. The business all began in a small design studio based in Bristol.


Every design conceals a unique technology exclusive to Hribarcain. This philosophy represents the company’s drive and passion to create products that have a clear design advantage and make them stand out amongst the rest. Their goal is to package innovative technology in the most unassuming way in order to maintain a pure and minimalist aesthetic. Every component is completely bespoke with a clear purpose and made with the highest engineering and manufacturing standards at heart. 

cnc machining aerospace parts

Prototype cnc machining

Aluminum nibs and aluminum housings are produced by CNC machining. Please visit Hribarcain website at: https://hribarcain.com/

7. Precision CNC machining in Guitar

(1). Milenko Katanic brief introduce

Milenko Katanic specializes in the development, planning and production of headless electric guitars, travel guitars and respectively tap-guitars. Each guitar is hand-crafted. Our guitars captivate unique and ergomic design. They offer a wonderful playing-experience. Our guitars are designed, assembled and buit in germany. – Made in GERMANY ! Please visit Milenko Katanic website for more information at: https://www.elguitar-design.de/

Online cnc service

Stainless steel guitar plates are produced by precision CNC machining services in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd.

secondary machining

8. Precision CNC machining in electric board

E-Toxx brief introduce

E-Toxx can provide custom electric vehicles, please visit E-Toxx website for more Sinster’s parts applications at: https://www.e-toxx-shop.com/

Amazing cnc machining

Multiple Aluminum hubs are produced by CNC milling in cnc machined components suppliers.
Please see more details about CNC milling services at: https://www.syluecncmachining.com/cnc-milling-services

Electric Board Hub

9. Precision CNC machininig in bottle opener

(1). Corkzy brief introduce

Corkzy began in the winter of 2016 at our lovely home in Portland, Oregon. Tucked away at the end of NW 23rd Avenue, our house (deemed 1835) has provided residence to various groups of friends as they transition from college grads into young hard-working professionals. But the most unlikely thing made this home a special place, and it’s not what you would think. A simple yet, elegant wine opener, a novelty gadget that was the gateway to a damn good time!

CNC machined components

Gold chrome plated steel corkscrews and rose color steel corkscrews are produced by CNC machining services. 

(2). 2 Monkey brief introduce

2 Monkey was established in 2006 in sunny Orlando, Florida. We are a family owned and operated business with diverse capabilities including product design/development, manufacturing and distribution. A majority of our product lines are made or finished here in the USA.

CNC machining small parts

25MM Bushmaster Bullet Bottle Openers, steel bullet bottle openers, brass bullet bottle openers, aluminum bullet flasks, aluminum beer tap handles, Brass beer tap handles, 50 Caliber Bullet Corkscrew, .45 Caliber Bullet License Plate Fasteners, 40 Caliber Brass Bullet Valve Stem Caps, 9MM Bullet Keychain, and aluminum bullet cups are produced by precision CNC machining services. 

precision cnc machining component

10. Precision CNC machining in pellet stoves, pellet boilers, pellet burners

Mareli Systems brief introduce

Mareli Systems have a complete range of high-performance eco-friendly products – pellet stoves, pellet boilers and pellet burners.

During the last 10 years of our activity we have gained experience and know how to apply it in the development of new products and designs. We have high-tech machines that guarantee repeatability and precision. We make our products as easy as possible for our customers to use. Our goal is to constantly evolve with the ever-increasing demand for efficient and environmentally friendly heating. We are proud to be a Bulgarian company and every product we make is guaranteed to be “Made in Bulgaria”. 

Rapid cnc machining

Brass elbow fittings, brass sensor tubes, brass bushings, brass pipes, brass adapters, brass plates, end cap brass, brass shims, brass sheets, brass couplings, pin brass, brass rods, brass clips, brass nipples, brass fittings, brass tubing, and brass bars are produced by precision CNC machining in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd.

pellet stoves

11. Precision CNC machining in pumps

JMMS brief introduce

JMMS produce hydraulic pumps, please visit JMMS website for more details at: https://jmms.com.pl/

CNC milling machine components

Stainless steel pump housings, stainless steel pump connectors, stainless steel pump nipples, and stainless steel pump joints are produced by CNC machining in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd.

famous secret precision machining inc

12. Precision CNC machining in Construction and Industrial Industries

Tecoustics brief introduce

Tecoustics was established in 1991 and provides Engineering, Products, Fabrication and Solutions to customers in the Construction and Industrial Industries. Our core competencies are in Vibration Control, Seismic Restraint, Architectural Acoustics, Thermal Expansion and Contraction, Heavy Industrial Fabrication and Testing. Tecoustics offers Products and Professional Engineering Services primarily in Canada and the United States. Accompanying our product solutions is Design, Engineering, Detailing, Advanced Analysis and Simulation.


Tecoustics Heavy division provides Engineering and Fabrication services for the industrial market. Focusing on the Steel Manufacturing and Oil & Gas industries, our services range from Detailing, Fabrication and Machining to Specification to complete project design and fulfillment, including Feasibility, Basic Engineering, Detailed Engineering, Fabrication, Testing and Installation. The Tecoustics Heavy division specializes in the integration of Heavy-Steel Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical, Gas and Automation for complex assemblies and solutions. 


CNC milling machine parts

Assembling system steel spring caps and steel damping spring base are produced by metal stamping and CNC turning in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd.

13. Precision CNC machining in lights

(1). Bicycle lights brief introduce

Supernova Design has also created innovative products for brands such as Audi, BMW, Porsche and Bosch. The main company focus lies on vehicle lighting. Its special strength is a comprehensive design process from the first sketch, in-house lab testing to its own mass production and marketing. Please visit Supernova website for more details at: https://supernova-lights.com/

Supernova Bicycle Light

CNC milling machine parts and components

Electric aluminum bicycle light housings, aluminum electric bike tail light housings, aluminum light caps, aluminum tail light caps, and aluminum battery housings are produced by CNC machining services and CNC milling services in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd.

(2). LED light brief introduce

Kelvix is an affordable linear LED manufacturer with a reputation for great service, cutting-edge products and fast lead times. Our staff of highly-trained project managers guide customers through each project from start to finish. Kelvix is a team of problem solvers and doers. We always have our clients’ best interest at heart. Please visit Kelvix website at: https://www.kelvix.com/

Quality cnc machining

The suspension Discs, and threaded standoffs are produced by quality cnc machining.
LED Light

(4). Office light brief introduce

We are known as one of the leading German brand manufacturers for office supplies. And we look back on a history of over 100 years. The company was founded in 1912 in the Odenwald by master toolmaker Jakob Maul and has been owner-managed ever since, now in its fourth generation. Commitment to values, employee orientation and a resource-saving approach to nature have always been part of the MAUL way of thinking.
Desk Lamp

Craftsmanship and high-tech – that’s what MAUL stands for today. Our in-house production in the Odenwald and Siegerland is a clear commitment to our location in Germany. In-house development ensures a high level of innovation. Modern testing processes and intensive test series ensure the consistent quality and safety of all MAUL products. Please visit MAUL website at: https://www.maul.de/

Rapid CNC machining

The 5052 aluminum lamp covers are produced by rapid CNC machining and cold deep drawn.

14. Precision CNC machining in magnetic Ceiling Mounted Device Holder

SkyFloat brief introduce

The SkyFloat team is dedicated to the multitasking lifestyle. We know that you need your phones – for watching videos/ recording videos, for recipes, for homework, FaceTime and for just relaxing.  But we also know that you need your hands for these same activities – to cook, to write, to gesture and of course, to just relax your hands, shoulders and neck. We know that SkyFloat can become a fixture in your home or office, helping you enjoy your day-to-day activities in new and innovative ways. Please visit SkyFloat website for more details at: https://skyfloatx.com/

CNC milling service china

Aluminum telescopic tubes are produced by precision CNC machining services in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd.
Magnetic Ceiling Mounted Device Holder

15. Precision CNC machining in fasteners

Carrdan Corporation brief introduce

Carrdan Corporation is a privately held supplier of automotive and industrial components located in Southeast Michigan. Our focus lies in providing high volume parts at a competitive price to Tier One manufacturers across North America and providing sourcing assistance with lower volume parts to smaller, non-automotive firms which allows them to be more competitive in the global marketplace. Typically, we provide engineering collaboration, prototyping from our in-house machining department, and pre-launch support to ensure that from product concept through production, your needs are met in a quality and cost conscious manner. Please visit Carrdan Corporation website for more fasteners at: https://carrdan.net/

CNC production service

Stainless Steel screws, stainless steel bolts, stainless steel u bolts, stainless steel plugs, large stainless steel basket, mirror finish stainless steel sheet, elbow stainless steel 304, stainless steel spool piece, stainless steel flange bolts, drilling stainless steel tube, 5mm stainless steel round bar, stainless steel pipe elbow, stainless steel rod, stainless steel rings, stainless steel nipples, stainless steel wire fasteners, stainless steel pipe, stainless steel union fittings, and stainless steel nuts are produced by CNC machining services and metal stamping services in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd.

16. Precision CNC machining in air condition

Holyoake Group brief introduce

Holyoake Group founded in 1953 by Noel & Betty Holyoake, the Holyoake group remains in private ownership with a strategic board of directors. Holyoake Industries now operates manufacturing facilities in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Adelaide with a sales office located in Perth.
Holyoake Industries is now the largest manufacturer of Air Distribution Equipment in the Asia Pacific Region.

CNC routing services Brisbane

Copper tube used in air conditioner, insulated copper pipe air conditioning, stainless steel fittings, and electric control cases are produced by precision CNC machining and metal stamping in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd.

Air Purification

17. Precision CNC machining in CNC equipment

(1). Haas Automation brief introduce

Haas Automation is the largest machine tool builder in the United States, and one of the largest builders of CNC machines in the world. We manufacture a complete line of CNC vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, turning centers, 5-axis machining centers, and rotary products, as well as a wide selection of fully integrated automation solutions, including automatic parts loaders, pallet-pool systems, and 6-axis robot systems. Please visit Haas website for more parts applications at: https://www.haascnc.com/

HAAS CNC Machine

CNC service technician near me

Cast iron leveling pad, steel ball, fine thread hex socket set screw, stainless steel structure turning angle, copper and brass material forged technics capillary tubes assemblies are produced by sand casting, metal stamping and precision cnc machining in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd.

(2). CNCPros.com brief introduce

CNCPros.com Over the last 15 years, CNCPros.com has used its extensive experience in the industry to not only find you the best parts, but also manufacture custom parts with higher quality and more durability than any others on the market today.
Our strong commitment to our customers doesn’t end there. We strive everyday to exceed your expectations in competitive pricing, customer service, and responsive delivery times. “Done. Done Right. Overnight!” isn’t just our motto, but the way we really do business! Please visit website at: https://www.cncpros.com/

Fanuc CNC service

Steel retention rings, ret knobs, taper test tools, test screws, slop arms, bolt shaft rollers, up spindles, and ball screws are produced by CNC machining services, hot forging services, and laser cutting services in in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd

CNC Taper Test Tool

18. Precision CNC machining in fire extinguisher

Steam-Dean brief introduce

The “Steam-Dean” plant, which manufactures and markets fire-fighting equipment, is one of the Lachman factories group, which was established in 1941 by Mr. Mordechai Lachman, a pioneer in the metal industry in Israel.
Our factory’s clients include the best service and maintenance companies in the field of firefighting, fire services, the defense system, government ministries, the electric company and many other good ones.

3D printing and CNC machining

Fire extinguisher heads are produced by brass hot forging and CNC machining in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd.

19. Precision CNC machining in animal equipment

Stoney LLC brief introduce

Stoney LLC started in 2008, we’ve been building long-term relationships with customers through reliable, high quality products delivered in a timely manner. We’re dedicated to the zoologists, herpetologists, and other professionals who handle our animal friends. Please visit Stoney website for more animal equipments at: https://www.aestoney.com/

CNC machined parts importers

Telescoping snake hooks are produced by CNC machined based on aluminum material with anodized.

Telescoping Snake Hook

20. Precision CNC machining in flow meter

Kytola® Instruments OY brief introduce

Kytola® Instruments OY is part of a group of companies that is family owned under the Kytola® name. Kytola is a manufacturer and developer of flow meters, oil lubrication systems and oil analyzers.

The company founded in 1945 by Olli Kytola is located in Muurame, Finland. Olli Kytola understood there was a need for reliable flow measuring instruments. He achieved his dream as the Kytola line of products has systematically and steadily grown during past decades to an internationally known company, whose products are used worldwide. Please visit Kytola website for more flow meter at: https://www.kytola.com/

CNC machining and manufacturing

Guide wire for the radiator model are produced by precision CNC machining and manufacturing with the material of stainless steel 316L.

Flow Meter

21. Precision CNC machining in heating and water equipment

Flamco RUS LLC brief introduce

Flamco RUS LLC is the successor of Maybes RUS LLC, which has established itself in Russia for many years as a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality, innovative products and customized solutions for heating and water supply of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Our wide range of products makes us your competent partner whenever you need a well-thought-out system with perfectly coordinated solutions, which is now developed within one company and under one main brand – Flamco. Please visit Flamco website for more heating and water equipments at: https://flamcogroup.ru/

Brass Ball Valve

Zero tolerance machining

Brass air valve, brass vertical check valve, brass ball valve, brass swing check valve, check valve brass 1 2, brass gate valve, copper isolation valve, 1 4 stainless steel inline check valve, 1 2 inch stainless steel ball valve, stainless steel needle valve, and 304 stainless steel ball valve are produced by zero tolerance machining in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd.

22. Precision CNC machining in ppr tube cutting machine

Amiantit brief introduce

Amiantit was incorporated in Dammam, Saudi Arabia in 1968 to manufacture pipes for the local market. Since then, Amiantit has excelled to be the leading industrial group in its domain providing diversified pipe and water solutions across the globe. From a diminutive pipe factory in Dammam almost 5 decades ago, Amiantit has expanded its business to incorporate a wide range of well integrated products and services including pipe-design technology, pipe-manufacturing, engineering services,water treatment management, and pipe network installation. Please visit Amiantit website for more details at: https://www.amiantit.com/

Prototype machining

M86 ppr tube cutting machines, and M87 ppr tube cutting machines are produced by laser cutting services and prototype machining with the material of carbon steel.

23. Precision CNC machining in walking cane

Solid aluminum cane brief introduce

Beauty, strength, simplicity and a non-intimidating design was my goal nearly thirty years ago when I formulated the idea to manufacture a fully tapered, fully machined walking cane from solid aluminum. With over five years in research, design and development, the solid aluminum walking canes are a reality, and we are now completely stocked with all products available to sell globally. These walking canes are one of the toughest, most durable walking canes you will ever find anywhere. It’s a work of art, yet simple in design, well balanced, is Not intimidating, and you will immediately notice the ‘feel of security’ and protection in your hand as soon as you pick it up.
Aluminum Solid Cane

Aluminum machining part

The solid aluminum walking canes, and affordable solid aluminum defensive tactical walking canes are produced by aluminum CNC machining, please visit the website for more details about aluminum walking canes at: https://www.solidaluminumcane.com/

24. Precision CNC machining in automotive repairing tools

Cal-Van Tools brief introduce

For nearly a century, Cal-Van Tools remains at the forefront of automotive specialty tool design and manufacturing. We continue to meet the needs of our customers, from professional technicians to the “do-it-yourself” individuals relying on our products to maintain pace as technology advances. We take pride in our ability to adapt and keep stride with every step the automotive industry takes while moving forward. Cal-Van Tools is continuously searching for the most effective methods to make jobs easy and save our customers money. Our innovations drive your profits. Please visit Horizon tool website for more details at: https://cal-vantools.com/

8-Piece 6-Point Axle Nut Socket Set

Custom machining services

FORD triton spark plug thread repair kit 2 valve, 9 way slide hammer puller set, 12 point metric axle nut socket set 8 PC, 6 point axle nut socket set 8 PC, 4WD locknut socket set 6 PC, Crank bolt socket set, drain plug repair kit, master Macpherson strut tool set, serpentine belt tool set, large and small ofw set, oxygen sensor socket set 7 piece, master ratchet accessory set, and GM thermostat wrench are produced by sand casting services, investment casting services, hot forging services, welding services, and custom machining services in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd

25. Precision CNC machining in motorcycle, racing car, racing motorcycle spare parts

(1). Mikunioz online store brief introduce

racing motorcycle spare parts

Mikunioz online store offers here in Australia the full range of Japanese made genuine Mikuni TM flat slide carburettors, VM round slide carburettors, Mikuni flat slide pumper carbs for 4-stroke motorcycles, HSR Mikuni carburettors and kits for Harley Davidson motorcycles, TMX motocross 2-stroke carburettors, Mikuni RS flat side carb kits for 4 cylinder engines, BN, Super BN and BNI Mikuni jet ski carbs. For go-carts and other applications there’s the range of Mikuni pulse fuel pumps. Mikuni kits to suit Australian fuel for off road, track and road-bike performance and racing upgrades to suit Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha plus many British, European and American motorcycles. Vintage, classic and period motor cross racers and bike restorers can breath a new lease of life and improved performance into their old motorcycles.

Quality machining

Aluminum rS carb kits sleeves, aluminum pipes, aluminum nuts, and aluminum pump joints are produced by quality machining and CNC turning services. 

Please see more details about CNC turning services at: https://www.syluecncmachining.com/cnc-turning-services

(2). Spears brief introduce

Spears has been the leader in motorcycle maintenance, 27 years of motorcycle roadracing support and team management with Spears Enterprises/Spears Racing. Being a dominant racing force in California, Spears Racing has earned several championships at the class, state, regional, national level and World Level and is recognized as one of the first Dynojet Power Commander tuning centers in the world. Spears graduated from high school in 1977 and went to work for the San Jose Police Department as its Lead Motorcycle Technician. It was soon apparent that his attention to detail was valuable to the industry, and decided to start working on motorcycles in his off-hours. Soon he found an overwhelming response to his talents, and in 1980 Spears Enterprises was born with $200.00 and a toolbox. Working from his carport and making house calls, Spears soon found a need for a total motorcycle repair facility. 


Fast prototyping

Spacer kits, 400 rear complete kits, aluminum spacers, 300CC engine mount kits, guard collars, 320 rear kits, black aluminum block off plates, lid on spacer, and 320 front kits are produced by fast prototyping and anodizing with aluminum material. 

(3). SJM Manufacturing brief introduce

machining symbols
SJM Manufacturing Incorporated is a chapter S-Corporation founded in 2003. In 2021, SJM Manufacturing was re-branded as SJM Enterprise, Incorporated. We are dedicated to providing racing products that combine quality performance with value pricing. We wish to establish a successful partnership with our customers, vendors and our suppliers that respect the interest and goals of each party.

In striving to supply what the consumer is seeking, SJM Enterprise will continue to review what is available in the marketplace and develop unique products to meet the needs of current and late-model high-performance vehicle enthusiasts. Continual improvements of products and services while evaluating new opportunities will help ensure our success in the market driven by consumer demand. 

5th axis machining

7 piece set includes flaring bars are produced by 5th axis machining.

26. Precision CNC machining in LCD and LED monitors

ViewZ brief introduce

ViewZ is a reputable OEM manufacturer of Professional-Grade LCD and LED monitors. Viewz has been designing and manufacturing commercial-grade LCD monitors for professional video surveillance and digital signage applications.
ViewZ monitors are built using superior components and durable materials which stand up to the harsh environment of non-stop, around the clock in Security, Digital Signage, Gaming and Pro A/V applications.

Viewz offers numerous advanced display solutions such as Touchscreen, LED, Full HD, All metal frame, Anti-Image Retention and each ViewZ monitor is backed by our 3-Year factory warranty. In addition to the over 100 standard ViewZ monitor models ranging from 3.5” up to 98”, our monitors are private labeled by Fortune 500 companies around the world. 

CNC laser cutting services

LED and LCD mounts are produced by CNC machining and cnc laser cutting services with the material of carbon steel.

27. Precision CNC machining in Display

Pioneer Plastics Europe brief introduce

Pioneer Plastics Europe is the number 1 manufacturer and wholesaler of high quality and highly transparent acrylic products that are strong, lightweight and crystal clear like plexiglass.

Our product range includes showcases for model cars, action figures and other collectible items, such as sports balls such as footballs, baseballs, tennis balls, golf balls, etc., through to assortment boxes and food-safe containers for various applications such as petri dishes. New in the program are, for example, the practical boxes for honeycombs. 

As the European representative of the American manufacturer Pioneer Plastics, which has over 35 years of experience, we can also offer you individual colors and special, customer-specific solutions. We can help you to put your project into practice without spending a lot of time and support you in the realization of your plastic injection molding projects. 

CNC acrylic service

The acrylic display cases and the rotating display stands are are produced by precision CNC machining and cnc acrylic service with the material of aluminum and stainless steel in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd

Acrylic Display Case

28. Precision CNC machining in drum

Custom Drum

Schneider brief introduce

Schneider provides drum repairing services, Please visit the website at: https://schneiderdrumrepairs.de/

Sfm machining

Spanner head, arms, DB spur, and FT leg are produced by precision Sfm machining and investment casting with the material of carbon steel and chrome plating.

29. Precision CNC machining in monitoring well and direct push

CT Manufacturing brief introduce

CT Manufacturing is The Complete Source for All of your Monitoring Well, Direct Push and Environmental Consultant Supplies. Since 1996, our excellent customer service, quality products and great prices are the keys to our success.
Manufacturing ECT is an industry leading manufacturer of many environmental products. Our main lines include: Monitoring Well Protection (manholes, bollards, vaults), Injection Tooling, Soil Gas Sampling Equipment, Prepacked Well Screens and Disposable Bailers. Purchase directly from the manufacturer for greater savings and flexibility.

Square deal machining

1/8 NPT Male x 1/16 NPT male Brass Pipe Hex Nipples are produced by Square deal machining in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd

30. Precision CNC machining in bicycle tool

Chiseled Design, LLC Brief introduce

Chiseled Design, LLC is A Start–Up. We Strive To Effectively Create And Design Innovative Products To Maximize Your Productivity. Join Us On Our Journey And Be A Part Of The Exciting Future Ahead Of Us! We Can’t Wait To Share With You What We’ve Created ! Please visit Chiseled Design website at: https://www.chiseleddesign.com/

bicycle tool

Acro machining

The EDC multitasker Customizable bicycle tools are produced by acro machining and CNC drilling services.
Please see more details for CNC drilling services at: https://www.syluecncmachining.com/cnc-drilling-services

31. Precision CNC machining in sunglass

Charlie V sunglasses Brief introduce

Charlie V sunglasses are American made and uniquely crafted to convey high quality and unparalled craftsmanship. Whether you live an active lifestyle or just like to chill with friends, we have you covered with superior eye protection and equally stylish looks. Please visit website at: https://www.charliev.us/


All axis machining

Clevis pin are produced by All axis machining with the material of brass.

32. Precision CNC machining in Bitcoin mining pool

Braiins l Slush Pool Brief introduce

Braiins l Slush Pool — world’s first Bitcoin mining pool with more than 1.25M BTC mined since 2010. Please visit website at: https://braiins.com/

Gf machining

The head buttons are produced by Gf machining.

33. Precision CNC machining in bicycle spare parts

Bamboo Bicycle Club Brief introduce

At Bamboo Bicycle Club, we’ve been perfecting the techniques of bicycle building for the last 10 years – the array of bicycles that have rolled out of the workshop are testament to the company’s unique self-build philosophy that encourages “learning by making”.
Founded by James Marr in London in 2012, through a love of bicycles and engineering, the aim was “to give everyone the opportunity to build a bike from scratch!”
Bamboo Bicycle

Hi tech machining

The steel brackets, steel chromed Seat tubes, and aluminum head tubes are produced by hi tech machining. Please visit the website for more details at: https://bamboobicycleclub.org/

34. Precision CNC machining in Ski Board

Polar Brief introduce

It all began after the birth of our first son, who only napped while on the go in his stroller. We love the great outdoors and the physical and mental health benefits that Mother Nature has to offer. Our passion for staying active with our little ones, whilst in the warmth, comfort and safety of their stroller, is what first drove us to design our first set of Polar Skis.


We wanted our baby to have a first class ride, gliding over the rutted, snow packed pathways and floating over the snow. We wanted to bring joy and happiness to exploring this winter wonderland as a family. As avid winter sports fans with engineering, manufacturing and children’s health care specialist expertise, we began designing and combining. As parents, we knew how important it was to have a quick and easy product to attach to the existing wheel. This would help avoid those meltdown moments when the stroller is not moving.

Polar Ski

Polar Ski products need no tools to fit, adjust or remove the skis. The skis are strong, durable, carry our child safely and look good on our stroller. Based in Alberta at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, we have the perfect testing grounds! Please visit Polar website for more skis at: https://polarskis.com/

Polar Ski

Rapid parts prototyping

Nylon lock nuts, plastic boards, bolts, and brackets are produced by rapid parts prototyping, mold injection services, and metal fabrication services.

Please see more details about the technics for making the parts at: https://www.syluecncmachining.com/cnc-service-case-of-skis

35. Precision CNC machining in brake system

Stopfix-Bremse Schröter & Co. GmbH Brief introduce

Stopfix-Bremse Schröter & Co. GmbH was founded in 1929 by Hans O. Schröter. The company developed and industrialized numerous parking brakes for cars and commercial vehicles, as well as special applications such as the parking brake for the Drachenfelsbahn in Königswinter am Rhein, which is still in daily use today.

The company has also made a name for itself with brake boosters since the 1960s. For example, the first brake booster was developed for the VW Beetle, which is still offered today as a spare part. Rope hoists for power transmission already rounded off the product range at that time.
At the end of the 90s Stopfix began to offer the first hydraulic brake actuations. Thus the product range was extended by a segment which is still growing strongly today. Please visit Stopfix website at: https://stopfix.de/

Stopfix Brake System

CNC machining vs injection molding

The plastic knobs, bolts, herzkurve links, and long black anodized connecting rods are produced by CNC turning services in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd

36. Precision CNC machining in cable assemblies

Open Wiring Systems Brief introduce

Open Wiring Systems is an Australian based manufacturer and supplier of custom made cable assemblies to customers in Australia and around the world.

Our multi-skilled and flexible workforce provides solutions to customers in a wide range of industries including whitegoods, defence, telecommunications and general industrial. We specialise in low cost, efficient manufacturing solutions using the latest in wire processing technology that allows our customers to compete in today’s competitive marketplace. Please visit website for more details at: https://openwiring.com.au/

Open Wiring Systems

3D rapid prototyping

Pivot pin flue dampers, pivot shaft flue dampers, aluminu spacers, and aluminium latch keys are produced by 3d rapid prototyping.

37. Precision CNC machining in golf carts

Plowman's Carts Brief introduce

Plowman’s Carts was started in 1992 by Don Plowman. The golf cart business was an outgrowth of the auto repair and snowmobile performance business. Don was in the auto repair and performance business for 25 years. He has retired from the auto repair and focuses on snowmobiles and carts. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to performance on anything. Don bought his first golf cart in the mid 80’s and by the 90’s he was making performance and add on products. Don found a need to make it faster, stronger, and more of a utility vehicle than a golf cart. Since then, Plowman’s has grown into a wholesale, retail, custom build and design business. Don is constantly trying to make better factory products and also producing his own products for speed, power and reliability.

Plowman's Carts
Plowman's Glof Cart

Custom YAMAHA and stock YAMAHA golf carts are our specialty. All our carts are reconditioned and fully serviced including full synthetic oil change, spark plugs, drive belts, air filters and pre-cleaner. ALL OF OUR LIFTED CARTS come standard with our extreme performance kit . They have a 8000lb tow capacity and a 800lb haul capacity standard. They are completely washed and detailed and ready for use. All Plowman’s carts come with a 1-year 100% parts and labor, bumper-to-bumper warranty. Plowman’s specialty is building custom carts for the customer’s needs. Ninety nine percent of our carts are new from Yamaha or new left overs, demo’s., instead of selling worn out lease cars like our competitors. Please visit Plowman’s Carts website at: https://plowmanscarts.com/

Machining brass

Big brass jets, and small brass jets are produced by Machining brass. Please see more details for CNC milling services at: https://www.syluecncmachining.com/cnc-milling-services

38. Precision CNC machining in folding trailer

apogee trailers

Apogge Brief introduce

Apogge founded on the values of Commitment, Quality and Service, Apogee manufactures unique high-quality aluminum trailers in North America.

The Adapt-X™ trailer is a superior patented product which combine not only the benefits of a conventional trailer with aesthetics, lightness and durability of aluminum, but also the incredible advantage of being foldable and easy to store in a small space. Please visit Apogge website for the trailer at: https://apogeetrailers.com/

CNC laser service

Steel plates are produced by CNC laser service, CNC drilling, and metal stamping.

39. Precision CNC machining in iontophoresis machines

Dermadry Brief introduce

Dermadry is the world’s leading manufacturer of iontophoresis machines for the treatment of hyperhidrosis, a medical condition characterized by excessive sweating that affects approximately 1 in 20 people worldwide.

We offer three tailored solutions to treat the three areas most commonly affected by hyperhidrosis: the hands, feet, and underarms. Our Canadian-made range of iontophoresis machines include the Dermadry Hands & Feet, Dermadry Underarms, and the all-in-one Dermadry Total.

Our FDA cleared and CE marked iontophoresis machines are an effective and non-invasive way to treat excessive sweating from the comfort and privacy of your home. During iontophoresis treatment, a mild current is delivered to the treatment area, which effectively neutralizes the connection between the nerves and overactive sweat glands, leading to long-lasting dryness in the treated area. 

Dermadry tap water iontophoresis device

5 axis CNC service

Aluminum square blocks are produced by 5 axis CNC service, and mirror polishing.

40. Precision CNC machining in aircraft products

Rotec Aerosport Brief introduce

Rotec Aerosport has been manufacturing a range of quality aircraft products since 1999. Our hallmark products are the lightweight, dependable and affordable radial engines that comes in 7-cylinder 110 HP and 9-cylinder 150 HP configurations.

The company was founded by brothers Paul and Mathew Chernikeeff, who produced a truly remarkable product, which has once again allowed builders to wind back the clock to a bygone era, putting the WOW factor back into sport aviation.

In addition to the radial engines, Rotec has also developed a range of high quality products such as the highly reputed TBI (Throttle Body Injection) MkII series and performance upgrades for Jabiru engines such as LCH (Liquid Cooled Heads), E-Ignition and Alternator Conversions kits. Please visit Rotec Aerosport website at: https://www.rotecaerosport.com/

China CNC service

The brass radial valve guides are produced by china CNC service in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd.

Aircraft Parts

41. Precision CNC machining in bow and arrow wire wrapping and unwrapping tools

JDV Products, Inc. Brief introduce

bow and arrow wire wrapping and unwrapping tools

JDV Products, Inc. has been manufacturing a broad line of wire wrapping and unwrapping tools for the past 30 years at our Fair Lawn, New Jersey facility. JDV primarily services the Telecom/Datacom, Electrical/Utility, and Electronic Assembly industries.

JDV Products, Inc. is VESSEL’s Exclusive USA Distributor for Air Nippers and Cutting Blades. These industrial cutting tools are primary used in the Plastic Industry for degating injection molded parts which are found in the automotive, medical, electronic, and consumer markets.

Moreover, the VESSEL air nippers can be adapted and used in other industries for various applications such as to cut wire or metal, crimp solderless terminals, cut and trim electronic components around PCB boards, remove product from a jewelry tree, be used as a die-cutter for aluminum or plastic components, punch a hole or slot into molded products, help dismantle recycled parts, and so much more. 

CNC construction services

Aluminum sleeves, and stainless steel tubes are produced by CNC construction services. Please visit JVD website at: http://www.jdvproducts.com/

42. Precision CNC machining in 3D printer

Euro Makers Brief introduce

Euro Makers is a Rochelaise company positioned on the Makers market.

We offer Makers, DIYers, engineers and the curious a platform rich in useful and instructive content as well as the best tools available to Makers to unleash their creativity and innovation potential. Thus, on our e-commerce site, find more than 2500 references covering a wide spectrum of machines (CNC digital cutouts, 3D printers, CO2 laser cutouts, etc.) Euro Makers is also a designer of prototyping machines, and offers kits of quality for the manufacture of high-performance and accessible prototyping machines for passionate Makers and design offices of VSE/TPI and SME/SMI. Please visite Euro Makers website at: https://euro-makers.com/

3D Printer Parts

Machining delrin

Derlin parts are produced by Machining delrin.

43. Precision CNC machining in alumina and zirconia ceramic products

Ceramic Oxide Fabricators (AUST) Pty Ltd Brief introduce

alumina and zirconia ceramic products

Ceramic Oxide Fabricators (AUST) Pty Ltd is an Australian-owned and operated company with more than 45 years of history in the manufacture and export of alumina and zirconia based ceramic products. The Company is a world leader in the manufacture of high temperature oxygen sensors (500 °C to 1750 °C), used in science and industry. The oxygen sensor was invented by CSIRO, then commercialised, under license by Ceramic Oxide Fabricators for manufacture. Applications include scientific research, measuring fugacity of chemical reactions at elevated temperatures, carburising furnaces, as well as oxygen measurements in molten metals. Other products include crucibles, tubes (furnace to multi-bore), rod, insulators, refractories and custom-fabrication including specialised machining services. The Company supplies ceramics to many of the world’s most prestigious scientific institutions. Please visit AUST website at: https://cof.com.au/

Brass CNC machining parts

Brass compression fittings are produced by brass CNC machining parts.

44. Precision CNC machining in agricultural machines

GÖWEIL Brief introduce

Since 1988, GÖWEIL has epitomized excellence in the area of baling and wrapping technology thanks to a product selection of unsurpassed quality. All machines and equipment are designed, developed and produced exclusively at the company’s location in Kirchschlag (Upper Austria).

As an exceptionally high portion of their products are exported, GÖWEIL machines have become renowned and are widely used throughout the world. When it comes to developing and manufacturing bale pressing and bale wrapping devices, GÖWEIL put its trust in its own planning department and its employee’s long years of experience and know-how in product development and product manufacturing. All products made by GÖWEIL reflect the state of the art and are designed to fit the individual requirements of your specific applications. Please visit GÖWEIL website at: https://www.goeweil.com/

Tractor Parts

Small batch CNC machining

V-belt pulleys, and steel bearing seats are produced by gravity casting services and small batch CNC machining.

45. Precision CNC machining in camera

E-con Systems Brief introduce

Established in 2003, e-con Systems has grown into a leading OEM camera manufacturer with wide global footprint. We provide end-to-end camera solutions like MIPI camera modules, GMSL cameras, USB 3.1 Gen 1 cameras, stereo cameras, and more. Over the years, we have reimagined how they are used in applications such as retail, medical, industrial, agriculture, smart city, etc.

We are also powered by a strong partner ecosystem to offer end-to-end vision solutions including sensor partners, ISP partners, carrier board partners, etc.

So far, we have built 250+ product solutions – shipping over 2 million cameras across 90+ countries around the globe. Please visit e-con Systems website at: https://www.e-consystems.com/

Metal CNC services

Steel clips and aluminum carema housings are produced by quality stamping and metal CNC services.

Carema Parts

46. Precision CNC machining in boat

Spya Brief introduce

Spya are a company with more than 30 years of activity, whose structure is based on three specialized areas, which work providing synergies and a solid support for any project, equipped with qualified staff and advanced technical means. Please visit Spya at: https://www.acuiculturaspya.com/

Mcc CNC machining

Stainless steel terminal manual φ5 M6 left hand thread, terminal manual φ5 M8 right hand thread, right thread forks, and left thread forks are produced by mcc CNC machining.

47. Precision CNC machining in cane holder

CaneTUBE® brief introduce

CaneTUBE® is a patented product from Easy Living Innovations, LLC. It was originally conceived by Co-founder, Rob Millen.
While visiting with a client in an assisted living facility, Rob noticed that she and others were awkwardly carrying their canes while trying to use a walker. Rob built a crude prototype of CaneTUBE and soon the requests for him to build more started to come.

Understanding that both a cane and a walker are necessary for many people to get around safely, we created an affordable solution that fits any walker or rollator. Please visit CaneTUBE® website at: https://www.canetube.com/

Cane Holder

CNC bending services

Cane holder tube clips are produced by CNC fabrication services.

48. Precision CNC machining in drilling machine

BDS Maschinen brief introduce

Since BDS Maschinen was founded in 1989, we have been manufacturing magnetic core drills, core drills made of high-quality steel, bevel milling machines for edge preparation, as well as chamfering and deburring machines for the metalworking industry. The Mönchengladbach location is the focus of our business activities.

Drilling Machine

We concentrate on the most important functions that a product should fulfill and develop simple and practice-oriented solutions. Our magnetic core drills & bevel milling machines are consistently designed for continuous daily use. Optimized production processes and modern machinery as well as qualified employees guarantee the consistent quality of our products.


Our customers from industry and trade as well as specialist dealers are competently looked after and supplied by us on the basis of fair and partnership-based cooperation. The international market is our challenge. Clear goals in the product and market strategy give us a strong position in a direct performance comparison. Our motto: “Simply drill better”. Please visit BDS Maschinen website at: https://www.bds-maschinen-gmbh.de/

CNC lathe machining

HSS inserts are produced by CNC lathe machining in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd.

49. Precision CNC machining in oral vibrator

JJK Industries brief introduce

Invented the vibrating tongue ring in 2001 with Tonguejoy and the Tonguejoy Romance;. expanded its product line to Lix (2003) and are launching 2 item.

JJK Industries invented the oral vibrator through Tonguejoy (sold more than 1,000,000 units) since its introduction in 2001. The product is carried by almost every adult novelty store throughout the US, Canada and Western Europe. In 2003, JJK Brief introduced the Lix product line and has sold an equal number of Lix and Lix Thrashers to Tonguejoy sales. Later this year, the company is introducting two new products, Lovejoy and Thruster. We expect Tonguejoy like success with both items and are anxiously awaiting delivery.


JJK develops unique and proprietary items (patent protected) to various markets including adult novelty stores, novelty stores and body jewelry outlets of distribution. We plan on more rapid and continued product introductions in the years to come. Please visit JJK Industries at: http://www.tonguejoy.com/

Custom machining

Tonguejoy, Lix vibe, and thrusters are produced by precision custom machining and plastic mold injection services in Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd.

50. Precision CNC machining in electricity and electronic packaging products

M. Lachman brief introduce

M. Lachman was founded in 1945 and is a leading manufacturer of metal parts for electricity and electronic packaging products. The company currently provides its services to prominent wholesalers in the electricity industry, the Israel Electric Company, Bezeq and entities that consume electronic packaging products, mainly in the HIGH TECH industry.


The company is located in the industrial area of Kiryat Arie in Petah Tikva. The beginning of the group’s factories in 1945 During this period, the late Mr. Lachman Mordechai, who was an expert in the design and manufacture of dies, established the M. Lachman Metal Factory Ltd. and began manufacturing products for the Israel Electric Company. Over the years, the plant has expanded and since then it has produced punching, punching, inductive blockers, hot and cold annealing and all types of copper and iron copper works and its customers include the leading companies in the economy such as: IEC, Bezeq, Ministry of Defense and electricity wholesales. Please visit M. Lachman website at: https://mlachman.co.il/

Precision machining technology

Steel hooks are produced by steel fabrication services.

51. Precision CNC machining in flexible hose and valve

(1). HELS brief introduce

HELS was established in February 2012, by combining professionals who have over 20 years of experience in the industry, to provide qualified technical services and combining its experience with production for the development of new products. HELS strives to become one of the major brands abroad in this field by using existing knowledge, technological infrastructure, machinery and experienced human resources.

Pipe Fittings

As a team we have a goal to become the engine of innovation in the sector, as well as develop new products and be solution partner for our customers and take part in significant projects within the country and abroad. HELS perceives the concept of total quality as management policy and strategic value by putting customer satisfaction and reliability over all.


We started to develop our network of marketing and sales, as well as technical infrastructure around the world starting with Turkey at a high speed due to the production and marketing skills and experience. By investing in the technology and human resources, we are moving steadily towards our goal of being a global brand. Please visit HELS website at: https://hels.com.tr/

CNC machining china

Flexible hose, and brackets are produced by CNC machining china and steel fabricate service.

(2). Ayvaz brief introduce

Ayvaz holds the production experience of flexible connection parts at various types and customized designs for the industry for seven decades.

The reputation of our company remains high thanks to our capability of providing innovative and reliable solutions for our cooperators. We work day and night to make our partners feel close to our expertise of “flexible solutions” wherever their businesses are located.

Aside from Turkey, Ayvaz has production facilities in Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, and China; exporting to 100 countries with 13 regional offices and 252 distributors overseas. Domestically, the company’s sales organization is made up of 12 district offices and 78 vendors. Please visit Ayvaz website at: https://www.ayvaz.com/

corrugated pipes

CNC precision machining

Steel pipe and fittings, stainless steel union fittings, stainless steel hydraulic fittings, and stainless steel grease fittings are produced by precisely CNC precision machining.

52. Precision CNC machining in building training tool

Building Professionals brief introduce

At Building Professionals, we’re committed to helping builders build a better world. We do this by providing technical expertise, advice and consulting services to the building and construction industries. So while we may not physically raise the beams or pour the concrete, we can supply the tools to improve every aspect of how our clients operate. Please visit Building Professionals website at: https://www.buildingprofessionals.ca/

Machining and welding

Welded carbon steel coring tools are produced by Machining and welding.
Biulding Square Tubes

53. Precision CNC machining in bicycle grip

TMR Designs brief introduce

bicycle grip

TMR Designs aim to deliver products that give the best experience in the industries we serve. We strive to develop products which offer innovation and advancements in their fields of technology.
TMR Designs was formed in 2010 by three good friends with a common love of cycling, mountain biking and the outdoors. Combining a passion for these sports with professional backgrounds in Engineering, Product Design and Business Development provided an ideal platform to create new, innovative and exciting products. Growing up in the Lake District has provided a perfect place to enjoy the outdoors. We continue to do this and we test our new products regularly in some of the harshest conditions in the UK. We hope you enjoy our new products as much as we enjoy creating them. Please visit TMR website at: https://imprintgrips.com/

CNC machining rubber

Expert imprint grips are produced by CNC machining rubber.

54. Precision CNC machining in cstom desel and tool

HHC DIESEL AND MACHINE brief introduce

HHC DIESEL AND MACHINE comes from humble beginnings as working class people just like yourself. We know what it’s like to work hard and make an honest living. This company started as a hobby, using our skills and knowledge in mechanics and machine work to repair our vehicles and those of our friends and family. What we found is that there is a big lack of affordable diesel upgrade and repair products in the market. We don’t know about you guys, but we have better things to spend our money on than overprced tools and products and mechanics that don’t know what they’re doing. Please visit HHC DIESEL AND MACHINE website at: https://www.hhcdiesel.com/

FORD 6.0L diesel nipple cup/ball tube sockets

Advance cnc machining

FORD 6.0L diesel nipple cup/ball tube sockets 1/2″ drive are produced by custom advance cnc machining.

55. Precision CNC machining in swimming pool accessories

MTS products brief introduce

swimming pool parts

MTS products feels obliged to its clients and their customers. High quality swimming pool accessories from MTS products. User-friendly developments and careful constructions convince worldwide with reliable quality. Tried and tested, pure ABS plastics and high-quality stainless steel are a guarantee for long-lasting investment products, which fully meet the special use with and under water. Tested quality “Made in Germany” is a matter of course for MTS. But that alone is not enough for us. In daily dialogue with our clients, we analyze markets and consumer needs. National and international. The results are convincing. Numerous patents speak for themselves. Constant optimization of our products leads to sustainable use and a long service life. In this way, exemplary MTS solutions for swimming pools can be adapted to the zeitgeist and growing demands at any time over the course of time. 


All MTS swimming pool products come with a 5-year guarantee and up to 15 years of replacement availability on all products, subject to our terms and conditions. Please visit MTS website at: https://www.schwimmbadtechnik-ratingen.de/

CNC cutting service

Stainless Steel AJ insert rings are produced by CNC cutting service.

56. Precision CNC machining in furniture

LYX brief introduce

LYX is the Swedish word for luxury. Our philosophy is rooted in the Scandinavian heritage of the 60s and 70s – pure, simple and clean lines. We added a bit of extravagance and a 21st century twist. LYX exists for customers that are special, both in taste and in their willingness to spend a little bit more on a unique piece of furniture. Which is why our mission is to do things differently. Our pieces are handmade, in high quality and not in high volume, which adds a bit more to their worth and cost. Our collection is inspired by the traditional Scandinavian design, but makes a stronger and more luxurious statement. In short: It’s more bold than blond. Please visit LYX website at: https://lyx.com/

Machining and welding

Stainless steel custom fold away towel/laundry racks are produced by machining and welding.

57. Precision CNC machining in kitchen

Werner Knauß brief introduce

Werner Knauß founded the company in 1973 in Sindefingen as a sole proprietorship. His business idea was to position special fittings for niche areas in the German market. He succeeded in doing this, for example, with the invention of the flood shower and with the placement of fountain and garden fittings. Large kitchen fittings and laboratory fittings were added a little later.
The company grew and it became necessary to look for new, larger premises, which were found in Gärtringen (Böblingen district) in 1977. This enabled the company to relocate its headquarters there.

Second generation

From 1990, Thomas Knauß, the son of the company founder, became increasingly involved in product design and development. A clear product philosophy under the motto “Only useful ideas make products strong” determined the company’s business policy. Since then, KNAUSS products have been developed and produced in a strictly benefit-oriented manner for special niche ranges in the kitchen, canteen kitchen and wellness area as well as for commercial cleaning systems. In 1997, Thomas Knauß then also joined as an additional managing partner. This set the course for the future of the company in terms of personnel and structure. Please visit Knauss website at: https://knauss.info/

Stainless steel machining

Cartridge screw nuts, cartridge covers, counter nuts 3/4″, ball-joint adapter VA 1.4301, 100 mm straight tubes, MS 58 brass adapters, brass valve seats chrome plated and polished, union nut s3/4″, zamark holders, thread nipples made of brass polished, stainless steel hold rings, valve seats 3/4″ flat Stainless Steel, spouts, and body for stand alone faucet are produced by stainless steel machining, brass machining, and drop forged.
sanitary ware
When you have idea or design, feel free to contact Ningbo Sinster Machine Co,., Ltd, Sinster can help you to save money to develop your products.
rapid prototyping process
rapid prototyping materials
machining and cnc technology 3rd edition

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