3mm Aluminum Rod

Material: Aluminum 6061
Size: D25x128
Surface finish: Black anodizing
How to make: Aluminum CNC machining
Inspection: AQL1.0 for visual inspection, 100% dimensions inspection
Used Country: USA
Warranty: 1 year
The same size as the drawings
Customized available


3mm Aluminum Rod Descraption


The 3mm aluminum rod is an aluminum bar for cleaning the gun. It also called gun brush aluminum handle. It is a new design and have good view.


The 3mm aluminum rod is made of a long aluminum solid bar. The bar will be cut in 129mm for each piece. After cutting, the bar will be cnc machined to 128mm for length and 28mm for diameter. It will also be done anodizing. After anodizing, it will be cnc machined again to have 2 different colors, i.e. black and silver. At last, the bearing will be pressed in the top.

Surface finish

It will be done by black anodizing.


D25x128mm. All sizes are available, large sizes aluminum rods or small sizes aluminum rods.

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