Aluminum Heat Sink

Material: Aluminum 6061
Size: 56.2x35x20mm
Surface finish: Silver anodizing
How to make: Aluminum extrusion, CNC machining with 2 knurl pins pressed, drilling & tapping
Inspection: AQL1.0 for visual inspection, 100% dimensions inspection
Used Country: Japan
Warranty: 1 year
The same size as the drawings
Customized available


Aluminum Heat Sink Descraption


The heat sink is a part to cool the device. The heat dissipation performance is very important. Aluminum is a good material for the heat sink. It is a lightweight metal, has a good heat dissipation performance, and is a high-performance-to-price ratio material.


The aluminum heat sink is made by extrusion, die casting, or stamping. The extrusion is usually used for simple shape aluminium heat sink. The die casting is usually used for complicated shape aluminium heat sink. The stamping is usually used for aluminium sheet heat sink. All of these technologies need moulds to produce the parts. The cheapest mould is stamping mould. The most expensive mould is aluminum die casting mould. Most moulds are made of steel, which is durable.

Surface finish

The extrusion heat sink and the stamping aluminum heat sink always do anodizing to protect the surface. The aluminum die casting heat sink always do print or no surface finish to protect the surface.

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